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We don’t have fancy tableware in this house. I have a set of gold-trimmed china which came from my mom. Which means 1) it’s from the 1990s or earlier because she died in 2002; and 2) it’s so cheap I’m not convinced there’s any porcelain in it, the name on the box notwithstanding.

I’m not complaining. I got my cheap genes from her. However, what I consider cheap these days differs from the days when our upscale shopping meant going to a better class of Goodwill store. (Yes, that really happened.) I’ve learned that “cheap” is relative. If I drop 20 bucks on clothing from WalMart, it’s gonna fall apart within a few wearings. It may contain toxic chemicals or who knows what else. I can instead buy fewer pieces from my custom site, spend about 5o-60 bucks, and wear what I get until I stain it beyond salvation or it no longer fits. I bought one dress that never fit me right, before I got the size/measurement details down pat. Otherwise, I still have a closet full of things I love. And nary a Wally World contribution in sight.

Getting back to my original train of thought…

What we euphemistically call our “silverware” – aka stainless flatware – has been dwindling in volume for a while. I bought it when we moved here a couple of years ago, so I was puzzled at how we were losing so many pieces so quickly, especially since there’s only the two of us in the house.

The AHA moment arrived a few weeks ago.

I love G to pieces. He’s the glue that holds the place together. About the only housework I do, if you can call it that, is cooking. He does the cleaning, including laundry and dishes. The “dishes” part here is key. I discovered he routinely turns on the garbage disposal without checking to see if anything has fallen into it. And since the flatware we had was only a few mils more than aluminum-foil thick, it didn’t fare well when introduced to whirring blades. (I bought from Ross – think I paid $20 for 8 place settings. And it STILL wasn’t the worst quality I’ve ever owned, by a long shot.)

There was still a little left on my Amazon gift card from work, so I ordered this set a couple of days ago:


Since it was $36 for a 45-piece set, I fully expected another round of glorified aluminum foil. When it was delivered today, I was surprised at how heavy the box was. Then I was surprised at how heavy the individual pieces are! No, QE II won’t be using it to serve tea at Buckingham – but this is a significant step up from what we had. It’s 18/0, nickel-free, which I wanted. Given my husband’s propensity for murdering innocent spoons and forks, I think I can live with the exchange in longevity vs. 18/10. It’s also cheap enough I won’t cry when it begins to systematically disappear. Because we all know it will.

4 thoughts on “Silver-Where?”

  1. It’s only gonna disappear once. Or rather, only one piece will disappear. That because cutlery that thick should keep ANYTHING from being whizzed again, after just one insertion.

    Very pretty pattern, btw. I approve 🙂

    1. I hope you’re right. The other set wouldn’t be completely destroyed, but the disposal took big enough nicks out that G was just tossing the pieces (justifiably so.) I’d like to hope he won’t/can’t do the same with this set. However, I never underestimate the power of forgetfulness, lol.

      I went looking specifically for a hammered pattern – simple, not too feminine or masculine, but with a bit of interest. These got good reviews. I can see why.

    1. Thank you, Terri. I hope Dangerspouse got it right and these will break the habit of disposing without looking – but not holding my breath, lol.

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