The Crazy One

barrenMe? My name isn’t important, mostly because like Spock in the old Star Trek, you couldn’t pronounce it anyway. For the record, it’s LeiLani.

I have four children, which either qualifies me for the asylum or combat pay or both. Thankfully they’re all over 18 now, and despite the fact that I didn’t kill them, all four elected to procreate. I don’t know where I failed them.

I live with my husband, herein referred to as “G” – and whichever of the kids and grandkids meander through at any given time.

I spent many a year on the air in broadcast radio, left to enter the tech industry, and walked from that in November 2015, by mutual agreement. We downsized and became mostly debt-free, a short-lived situation. We’ later sold our tin box and moved into the little house on the desert, fall 2020. We bought an SUV, which I suppose was the ‘Murican thing to do.

Yes, I am cheap, and proud of it. Retail gives me hives. To put it simply: if there’s a bargain to be had, we’ll sniff it out.

The rest of the story is still being written – in terms of this home, my life, and even the books I’m writing. The latter’s an interesting proposition. They make me no serious money, but I write because it’s what I do. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll make it as a best-selling author. In the meantime, I’ve turned what I learned into another side hustle as a book formatter and cover designer.