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G listened in to my call today with FedEx. He gasped a few times at the sheer fuckery of those idiots. While the agent was in India or Pakistan and barely comprehensible – obviously not a native English-speaker – what little I understood was enough. The girl today told me their contract with Dell says they can’t deal with me without going through Dell, and of course Dell is laughing its ass off at my expense.

G and I talked about suing them, but – we both know it and they know it – it isn’t worth my time, money, or stress. He did tell me emphatically not to bother calling them again, that it’s time I simply buy a new computer.

I am referring everything to every Consumer Fraud office I can find and filing a complaint with the American BBB. If I had Ralph Nader’s phone number I’d call him directly and sic him on these jerks. I’ll send to sites like Buzzfeed and Gizmodo. It probably won’t get anybody’s attention, but can’t hurt to try. I won’t get a computer or any money out of it, but so help me Goddess, I’m going to stick pins through every square millimeter of their Voodoo doll before I’m done.

Since this ‘puter is so old, before I’d started all this I was expecting to buy a new laptop in the near future, anyway. When I keep that in mind, it makes it a little easier to deal with. When I remember I never have to talk to Dell’s “support” again, it becomes exponentially better.

So I’m now officially shopping for a shiny new ‘puter, which I’m gonna call a positive.

First and most obvious: HELL no to Dell. As if there were ever a question.

I originally considered an LG Gram. I linked to one a few days ago.They’re known for crazy-long battery life, excellent specs, and a couple of other bells and whistles. However, when I started checking reviews, they have some known issues that sound entirely too close to what I was encountering with the current laptop, and with similar responses from their tech support – i.e., excuses instead of solutions.

Scratch LG, hard and deep.

The specs on the three models I’m now considering are close to one another. Not clones, but definitely close. Pricing for versions 1 and 3 are identical. Model #2 is $650 higher than the other two, which is a big chunk-o-change to me. While I’m leaving it on the list, I’m not convinced it’s worth it.

I’ve always loved Lenovo computers. They’re built to last and a joy to use. My work laptop is a Lenovo. It’s over 4 years old and runs better than most new computers. No kick-ass specs behind it, either.

This is the model on my short list:

The processor is pretty darned good – in car terms, a Toyota engine: efficient, practical, will get me where I need to go and keep getting me there. The downside is the battery life, which gets so-so marks on the reviews I’ve watched. Then again, I’ve had Dells for the past ten years or so, which (other than their XPS series) are known for their terrible battery life. And if I’m dropping this much money, I want something built to last. So… maybe?

I’ve heard wonderful things about MSI laptops. The wonderful part doesn’t include bargain pricing.


This gets kick-ass reviews. I did a search on Amazon by specs, then hunted down reviews on YouTube. This one is expressly built for creators (Photoshop, video, etc.). If it plays hopskotch through heavy video editing, Photoshop should be a breeze for it. It’s unfortunately at the upper end of what I would consider in price, and it has an 11th-generation Intel processor. I can spend that much. Just not sure I want to especially when…

Next option: Asus.

This little baby surprised me. I knew the name, of course – but never owned one. This has the specs I want, for a lot less than the MSI. It has some significant advantages over both the Lenovo and the MSI. One is the latest-greatest RYZEN processor, the Lamborghini of processors (though not, ironically, the highest-priced). The OLED screen is also Lamborghini-level. If the processor and display are Lamborghinis, the battery here is a Prius – goes forever on a charge. So this one’s inching up on my list the longer I look at it.

We have a follow-up doctor’s appointment Tuesday, and if everything goes well, we’re taking a side trip to Best Buy to scope some of these out in person. If I can actually find one of these and fall in love with it so I can buy there and bring it home with me, even better. I’d honestly rather pay 40 or 50 bucks more to not have to rely on FedEx for another botched delivery.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look likely they’ll have the exact models I want – merely some variations thereof. But I want to see something in-person to be sure I’m not paying gold-and-diamond prices for rhinestones and paint.

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  1. Good luck with your computer shopping. I hope you find what you need and want. Too bad Dell didn’t take your customer support seriously. I’m sure you can find a way to make they wish they had.

    1. I’m sure Dell’s saying “good riddance” to me as a customer. But both my sons work for Fortune 500 companies, my older daughter owns her own company, etc. I’ve not only bought computers for myself but also for my girls. I could forgive an honest mistake. But after all this it’s clear honesty had no part in it.

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