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Plan B-and-a-Half

Since the Midwest trek is out this year, G and still want to take at least a couple of days to take pictures in new territory. We discussed heading up to the Utah border, visiting the Hualapai mountains near Kingman, etc. I think we’ve settled on Williams, with the option of driving from there in whatever direction our whims take us. We can rent a room there for a pittance in October – about $100 for two days, combined – and meander through forested parts of the state, haunt a couple of ghost towns, etc. It’s close enough to drive into downtown Flagstaff, also on our radar. I went to college at NAU back in the dark ages. It’ll be interesting to see if its charm is still there. I do recall the downtown main drag was blah but there were some charming spots off the beaten path, nearer the college.

I requested three days off mid-October. It should be rubber-stamped without a problem, but I’m not making hotel/motel reservations until I’ve got it in writing.

According to Google Maps, taking I-17 will get us to Williams, Arizona, in about 3.5 hours.

I burst out laughing at Google’s estimated drive time. A mid-week drive through Phoenix takes at least a couple of hours, assuming it’s not rush hour. So yeah – it’ll be more than 3.5 hours to drive 230 some-odd miles. Nice try, though, Google. We’re planning to exit the Interstate as soon as possible, which will add distance and time to the drive, and worth every minute of it. The route we plan to take is still north of Phoenix metro a way. The estimated drive time with our preferred detour is 5.5 hours. I figure at least 8, and probably longer since I’m sure we’ll stop along the way to take pictures, once we hit interesting country. I left it up to G to plan the route. He enjoys it and I’m more than happy to foist it on him.

You don’t get photo ops without taking back roads, at least not the better ones. We won’t take dirt roads this time, not when we’re going that far. The itinerary will include secondary highways and state routes, where we should stumble across some hidden gems, if our luck holds. Thanks to GPS, I’m game for taking roads when I have no idea where they lead. They’re where you discover the most amazing sights. (Dangerspouse, THIS is a valid reason to have a modern smartphone. GPS is a godsend.)

The one risk in mid-October is a surprise snowstorm. Williams sits over a mile above sea level, at 6700 feet. Snow wouldn’t stick in mid-October, even that high, and we do have 4wd, but still… We ran into snow last year in northern Arizona, so not ruling anything out. The odds are in our favor for beautiful weather, though.

Only a few more photos today. I have hundreds I never posted anywhere. Some are good, some are so-so, and the majority are garbage. I need to delete a whole lot of the duplicates and crappy images, come to think of it. There are 50K+ files on my computer. I suspect a third or more are files I can dump without regret.


This was hanging over the Ace Hardware store along the main drag in Florence, Arizona. It’s little details like this I love about small towns.


The Rexall sign marks a chain I haven’t seen in decades. The store beneath the sign is vacant.


I didn’t bother stripping out the background color here. The yellow on this pair of trikes was striking enough to dominate completely.


Even this late in the summer, black-eyed susans are in bloom. This has been the coolest and wettest (for us) summer in a long time. There’s more greenery than I’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately, there are also more mosquitos than in a long time. This week the thermometer jumped, which I’d hoped would burn them out. No such luck. And while I welcome the predicted cooler temperatures and more rain this weekend, I could do without the skeeterplosion it represents.

Yes, my life is boring these days. But I try to make interesting pictures!

4 thoughts on “Plan B-and-a-Half”

  1. I appreciate the snarky reference to my luddite ways. GPS would only be a selling point if I actually liked going on roadtrips, though. As I find the idea of spending more time in a car than it takes Cardi B to wax all 4 of her lips to be loathsome, I rarely travel farther than the nearest liquor store on any given day. So see? Still no need for one!

    BTW, I love love love those first two pics. Great job!

    1. Thank you! I’m happier than I expected with how the first two came out. They were really blah in full color but the contrast with the sepia makes them pop 🙂

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