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Pinks and Rabbit Holes


Yeah, yeah. I’m firing off two entries close together. Don’t get used to it.

The spousal unit is actually posting blog entries these days. His entries tend to be short and to the point, instead of meandering and interminable like mine. It’s ironic he can strike up a long and involved conversation with a complete stranger (and does), and can write tens of thousands of words of dialogue (and does) for his works of fiction.

But blog entries? Quick and dirty is his M.O.

If anyone goes to read, you’ll need an account to comment, but it’s just registering on his site to hamstring spammers. The info doesn’t go any further.

No photo glut tonight, just the single pink branch above. Despite a batch of insanely dark pictures, with a nudge from Photoshop most of what I took this weekend turned out reasonably well. However, I posted everything on Facebook and it’s not like I was going to bring home any blue ribbons for my snaps.

The tentative plan is to go back to the same general vicinity this weekend and re-shoot, using different settings. I’m almost to the point of dragging along a tripod – especially now I have a wireless remote. Almost. Unfortunately with my power chair, a tripod could be more than a little challenging to manage. I’ve done it before – which is how I know it’s probably more than I can do for a longer route like this. We walked/rolled a few blocks around the historic district in the early morning. I need to invest in a wagon to pull along behind me and carry camera gear.

Before you ask, G barely hobbled around this weekend. He’s not much more mobile than I am, but won’t use anything to help him along. I offered to roll back to the car and drive to pick him up. He wouldn’t have it, preferring to deal with the pain rather than swallow his pride.


Today was an exceptionally quiet day at work. I’m good with that. I used my full lunch break to make potato soup. More accurately, I peeled potatoes for potato soup during my lunch break and made short, mad dashes after that to finish up the job. Peeling the potatoes is 90% of the job, anyway. I made a huge pot, figuring we’d get two meals out of it. It was enough to overflow a 4-quart Dutch oven before I was done.

Except… I forgot how much G loves potato soup. So do I, but G is in a class of his own.

While there’s a little left over, it’s not enough for a meal for the two of us.

I know. The excitement is overwhelming.

This is why I don’t write as frequently any more.

Living drama-lite a few days in a row is amazing and I welcome it. It just makes for lousy blog fodder.

I’ve been going down countless YouTube rabbit holes lately. Some of it’s been photography videos – how-to videos, to be specific. I’ve been on a music kick, alternating between modern acapella cover songs and originals from the likes of Crosby/Stills/Nash/Young and the Beatles. And of course, there’s the deliciously weird and absurd. If you’ve never seen Thoughty2, you’ll appreciate this.

4 thoughts on “Pinks and Rabbit Holes”

  1. I’m always happy to read your blog entries. I don’t have much to write about either. When I read back a few years when I had a blog, I am inspired with my wit, etc. Now…..ugh! Just posting something on Facebook is a chore.

    1. Thanks, Terri. God knows we deal with plenty of drama overall these days. However – knock on wood – last week was relatively easy, other than a couple of slammed days at work due to system issues. I refuse to jinx this week other than to say, “Stay tuned,” lol.

  2. I’m not sure what your power chair’s configuration is like, but if there is a horizontal bar type feature on it you might want to consider a small tripod with articulated legs that can be wrapped around objects. I use one myself – the Joby Gorillapod – and it works great even with my heavy D500 and a good sized lens. (I cart it along on my woods hikes and wrap it around tree limbs to get otherwise impossible shots.) An added attraction is that some models, including mine, are pretty small. Mine is 12 inches, tip to tail, and quite light. Other companies make their own versions, so if you think this is something you’d like I’d encourage you to do a little web digging. But if the Joby is on your shortlist, I can certainly vouch for it based on my experience.

    1. I replied by email but here too. We have tripods – not even sure how many. But there isn’t any logical way to manage a tripod with the wheels, I don’t think. I did look up the articulated doodad you use, though. I suppose it’s possible it could be wrapped over the handlebar/basket area. Wouldn’t resolve the tilted horizon issues but with a remote could fix the camera shake.

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