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Decision Revision

Thanks to shelling out four figures on house repairs in the near future (still waiting to get a firm date), the autumn trek back to the midwest this fall has been moved back to some nebulous point in the future. The date could advance when we make our first million dollars; otherwise I’m gonna assume a minimum of a year or so.

Part of me is disappointed. Most of me is relieved. While I love the thought of spending a little more time back in the Midwest, I’m not up to it physically, either. We’ve still got plans to travel, taking a few days into the northern part of the state, probably early October-ish. It’s a lot easier trip vs. driving 6-7 days, 10-12 hours a day. (G’s no longer permitted to drive since his last heart attack, so it’s just me behind the wheel.) An in-state run will also be substantially easier on the wallet.

Getting the work done at the house will make a dent in our savings. I’m okay with that. I’m grateful we HAVE the money in savings. I was already grumbling about putting more on the credit card when G gave me a virtual smack to the forehead. I’d spaced off the money we’d saved for exactly this kind of thing. So yeah – we don’t have to go into debt to get at least the duct work handled. We might have to put some of the insulation work on the credit card, but crossing our fingers we have enough to take care of that, too.

Besides, with all this getting done, it should also reduce our utility bills. Owning a house takes upkeep. It’s part of the deal.

There are other reasons we need to stick around in October this year… maybe. My younger daughter announced she and her on-again off-again boyfriend are getting married late October. Given how tumultuous their relationship has been, a questionable job situation for him right now, and her health issues, I can’t claim to be thrilled about the whole thing. I’ll support her, of course, and won’t mention my doubts to her. If it goes through, and they’re good, wonderful. If not, it won’t surprise me either.

We’ve got more semi-blank journals in development. Four volumes (three journals and one music blank) are live now and proofs arrived today for a three more. I’m publishing some of these both in both paperback and hardback format, since they’re really geared as gift books. I make a pittancee per copy either way, but will start promoting them once we have a few more live. Fingers crossed to make it up in volume.


One of my friends drew all the artwork for the map and gryffin cover; the other is one of my photos with an abstraction filter applied. I’ve used Photoshop more than 20 years and still learning new things about what it can do. (Incidentally – I’m going to fade out the map, which should make the title area more prominent. That’s what the artist intended and I was dumb enough to beef up the contrast.) The map one is one of the proofs delivered today – the desert/southwest one is still being compiled.

I’d like to have an even dozen available before I start paying for promotion. They go together relatively fast, if and when my brain cooperates.

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  1. As always, you have all kinds of plans coming and I am sure they will be successful for you. Good idea to postpone any big trips. It seems to get more difficult for me (the older I get). Hope all things work out for the best.

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