Computer Wars: Return of the Laptop

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G says it’s easier to buy a house than to buy a computer.

He’s not wrong.

Once I had a chance to cool off (somewhat), I reached out again to Lenovo. I had no choice, given their address cock-up and the fact they shipped despite my cancellation. I gotta give them props, though. They took immediate responsibility, flagged the original shipment so it rerouted back to them pre-delivery, refunded me, and helped me reorder, all in one go. The rep I spoke to wasn’t in India or Pakistan or outer Siberia

We confirmed, re-confirmed, and re-re-re-confirmed the shipping address this time.


Given the sheer number of delivery-related fuck-ups lately, across the board, I also reached out to UPS and set up for all deliveries to be held at their closest location. It meant going physically into the office, showing ID, and picking up there.

It was inconvenient. I had to make a mad dash the instant I was off work in order to reach the UPS office before they closed, and it was raining. By rights, it should’ve been delivered here so I didn’t HAVE to go anywhere..

Would I have changed it and risk another screwed-up delivery? Oh HELL no.

Rewind & Replay

I posted the info about the new machine a couple of days ago, then yanked it soon as I discovered my order was, once more, screwed up.

Not only was it bad for the obvious reasons, but this is genuinely the machine I wanted. Despite some pretty ginormous misgivings, I’m glad I was able to reorder it. (Nothing remotely comparable was available at any brick-and-mortar in the Phoenix metro area. I checked.) So far I’m loving the new machine. I knew it had more OOMPH than my old machine, but so many details about this machine are so much better, I’m agog. The screen resolution. The color, brightness, and clarity. The sound. The speed – despite downloading TWENTY Windows updates, and despite our low-end-of-mediocre Internet speed.


Hey, I know this is a phone pic. It’s pathetic. The table behind it has crap piled on it. (Inhaler, Tarot cards, crystals, and some outright junk. I have no shame.) The photo isn’t going to win any prizes, but I was able to install and run Affinity Photo enough to resize it. When this thing’s handling all those Windows updates simultaneously, I’m shocked I could download and install anything else at all. Not going to attempt to install Photoshop before all the updates are done, though.

This link goes to the computer details. It’s a dramatically superior machine to the one on Amazon I posted a few days ago – and I paid less for it.

Oh you KNOW I got discounts. Despite the Keystone-Cops level insanity surrounding this entire process, I’m still me. (You can’t get Amazon to knock down the price, but if you’re buying directly from the manufacturer? Always. Ask. For. Discounts.) They tried to slap in a higher price on me second time around. I wasn’t having it. By the time we finished, I had them shave a few more bucks off the original – and frankly, killer – deal they offered me..

FYI – don’t buy a computer from Amazon. They’re sold by third parties, often opening and changing out parts. Which means the manufacturer warranty is immediately null and void.

A TV, a printer, anything that can’t be modified, sure. But never, ever a computer.

Ding Dong Dell

I got yet another email from Dell: same BS-line, same BS-station.

My son said I need to keep riding them until they pull their heads out of their asses. I personally think it’s a corporate birth defect and permanent condition; but sure, I’m game. Now I don’t have to depend on them to get things done, I’m happy to screw with them indefinitely — and I think I will.

The Good, The Bad, and I’m Still Ugliest, Dangerspouse

The most recent doctor’s yesterday was good news, sort of.

BP was down enough I’m going to have to start watching to be sure it doesn’t drop TOO low. I’m marginally prediabetic. Not enough to be a worry, especially since I’d already started Atkins, which should whip my numbers into shape pretty quickly. Same went for my cholesterol. It was high and has been for a while, but the doctor said Atkins should resolve that before long. In fact, I’d already lost weight as compared to my previous visit a month ago, and I was only half-ass trying. I was told in no uncertain terms to start taking both a multivitamin and high-dose vitamin D, though — easy peasy. G was told to do the multivitamin, as well.

OTC and non-med solutions for the win.


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  1. 1

    Pfff. You THINK you ugly, but that’s only in comparison to that comely new laptop. Compared to ME, you’re still Venus incarnate.

    I remember Dr. Atkins originally developed that diet specifically for diabetics, so I think you’re making the right call. I tell ya, when I went on it to lose weight I never felt better – and the weight dropped off like a stone.

    Which means of course you are going to be even MORE better looking than me soon, as if that was even possible. Bitch.

    • 2

      Oh no, you can’t weasel out of this one. You can’t hold a candle to my ugly. Well, you could, but the flame would run away from my ugly, straight to you, and I’m not nasty enough to wish you burned alive. You’re too pretty.

      The laptop, however – yeah, it’s a beautiful machine. I’m in the middle of moving files over from the old computer to the new one today, then reinstalling Windows on the old one again and putting it away.

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