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48 Hours a Day

This was another looooong weekend. Thanks to one person’s surgery and one person’s doctor’s appointment, there was nobody to pick my granddaughter up from school. Long story short, it fell to me. Again.

After I dropped the munchkin off with her mama, having made sure she’d been fed and ran herself ragged (thanks to Peter Piper Pizza for both), I drove back close to home and hit a beauty salon.

I wasn’t looking for them to make me beautiful. Aside from being impossible, I was too tired and in too much pain to care. I merely asked for a wash, trim, and a relatively minor indulgence known as tea tree treatment. It involves deep conditioning hair, hot towels on the face, and a facial massage. Only thing I could love more about it would be if it lasted a few hours longer.

I finally stumbled back home around 4pm-ish, after which I put on my editor’s hat and started working on one of G’s books, which kept me busy for the next several hours.

Material Girl

Today began with our normal weekend repertoire: yard sales.

Today, though, turned out to be yardage sales for me. I scored new cotton fabric. We’re not talking a few fat quarters, either (if you’re a quilter, you know what I mean). I bought over thirty yards.


If you’re not familiar, fabric is god-awful expensive these days. I’d already looked at prices at Joann’s. Simple, lightweight cotton, on sale, starts around $5 a yard. Some of the fancier ones – of which I got quite a bit – range north of $30 a yard. I spent $30 for everything I bought, meaning I averaged less than $1 a yard. I didn’t pay the amount on the tags, which would’ve topped $100 and then some.

Hence the quilt pics at the top of the page. I bought all that (gestures to photo of fabric stash) expressly for quilting.

layercake-quilt-smallI also spent a whopping $2 on Etsy for the black/white pattern (different angle shown at left). I could have done all the math to create this version without a pattern – but for two bucks, I’ll take what saves me time and energy.

No patterns needed for the other two designs – the one with the red zigzag border is a variation on a basic nine-patch, which I can do in my sleep. The harlequin-diamond one is even simpler.

G immediately requested a quilt for our bed. I’m happy to make one.

The patterns only look intricate. Everything goes together fast when machine-stitched. Much as my back’s gonna kill me long before I’m done, I enjoy sewing and am looking forward to it.

The plan is to finish two quilts between now and the end of the year: one for us, and one for the family gift exchange next Christmas.

Friday the Money-teenth

I bought lottery tickets yesterday.

Sadly, I’m not a billionaire.

Yes, I bought a ticket – and only one – for the Mega Millions drawing. I didn’t win. Sniff.

scratch-5However…every two-dollar scratcher I bought yesterday was a winner. Counting the Mega Millions ticket, I spent $12. I won $26 on the scratchers. Hooray, I’m a twenty-aire! It’s rare for me to buy any kind of lottery tickets. It had been well over a year since the last time I bought scratchers. This is the first time I ever bought a bunch of tickets and every one scored. I cashed in my winnings this morning, bought G and I a small snack, spent $3 on a local drawing lottery, and shoved the rest of my gains into my wallet.


You thought I’d buy more scratchers? Hahaha NO.

My scratchers run was a fluke and I’m smart enough to know it. I might buy more next time Friday the 13th rolls around, and turn it into some kind of superstition-slash-tradition. If I remember, anyway. I was fine with dropping 3 bucks of my winnings onto an Arizona-local drawing, but that’s about as gamble-y as I’m likely to get for the foreseeable future.

Since everything else we did this weekend apparently wasn’t enough, this afternoon we went on another photo run. The weather was utterly magnificent. We spent some four hours driving down country roads and finding hidden gems. I’ll pay for it the weekend marathon starting tomorrow, guaranteed. My body is gonna kick my butt. And I’d do it again.

No photos tonight from this afternoon’s run. It’s late and I’ve still got work to do. Maybe I’ll get time to play with pictures tomorrow, if I’m lucky.

4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces”

  1. Good scores for you all round! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt, and the photos.
    Yeah, fluke is right! Hehe.

    1. Thank you, Anne! I’m picking up a rotary cutter and mat tomorrow after work. My scissors suck mightily, and I’m not steady enough to cut a straight line with scissors, anyway. Fingers crossed the wheel and straight edge are enough to counter my shortcomings.

      I worked on photos for a while today, but I worked my regular job AND G & I went through more stuff, sorting items for the garage sale we’re having this weekend. We’ve still got a lot more to do, so this week is going to keep us hopping.

    1. Thank you, Terri! I’d have liked more blues/aquas, but virtually all they had were in the red/purple/magenta lines. I hope I can still pull something good from it, 🙂

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