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Gainfully and Stuff

Gainfully and Stuff

After my last entry, I guess I should clarify – for those who don’t follow me on Facebook – that we’re not in imminent danger of starvation. We’re doing reasonably well, though I’d breathe easier with a few more cash flow options.

I did invest a couple of hundred bucks (literally only about $200) on some stock. Pot stock, sort of. The legal marijuana option is a hot topic, and I figured I’d gamble on 100 shares of what I think would be considered penny stock. It’s legit enough to be offered through my eTrade account, but pretty sure instead of the NYSE, it’s traded in back alleys somewhere. Rather than investing in direct marijuana sales, I invested in a website ( that’s a kind of for legal weed – where to find it for less, etc. I don’t personally use the product. I’m not a prude about it, nor am I stupid. I think the market’s too strong to dismiss. If you want to get high and it doesn’t harm anyone, go for it. If you’re doing the medical version thereof, good for you! If I can make a buck or two from it, better yet.

I logged into my investment account on principle, knowing that a week into things doesn’t mean a thing, I lost I think $4 in value (for all 100 shares combined.) Given the fiasco in the White House has sucker-punched all markets, I honestly consider that pretty good. Besides, it’s only been a few days AND I wasn’t going to invest anything we couldn’t afford to lose.

We also did a different type of preliminary investment, and we’ll see where it goes. Stock photos are big deals these days, but the low-cost options are being gobbled up by the big boys. I used to have a $10 a month membership, which Adobe acquired and tripled the cost. If I absolutely had to have it I’d probably pay that, but like most designers, I can’t justify shelling out that kind of money unless it’s making me some significant money. I belong to a lot of author forums, and most bemoan the loss of reasonably priced sites. I have some connections to photographers and I personally can do other types of illustrations via Photoshop. Figuring our upgraded hosting, we’d only need about 5 subscriptions at $10 a month each, and we’d be making a little bit of money. (This is operating on the thought of paying photographers a percentage, too – otherwise our profit margins would be even better.) Anything over that would be gravy. The spousal unit and I can easily handle upgrades, and spousal unit knows photography well enough to approve and reject submissions. He got voluntold for the job.

Could end up making pennies, or could take off. 100 subscriptions – not a huge figure, obviously – would put us squarely in the black and pad our income nicely. 300 subscriptions would be enough to pretty nearly replace my income as it sits now. Not that I’d retire with that, not for a single website. But there are other types of businesses that would be doable for similar investments. If this one comes together, we could expand into other areas. The idea is as much as possible, keep the upkeep and outlay on the low end.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch – er, job – I’m on a pilot team for a new program. I take all promises from this company with a grain of salt, mind you, but the scuttlebutt is it might spell more money, because the scope of the job will change significantly. We shall see.

Potter’s Field

Potter’s Field

My grandson, the one who was counting to ten at ten months and so on? He’s starting kindergarten this year. Lest you think I was exaggerating about how smart he is, his mom told me he’s reading Harry Potter books now. BEFORE starting kindergarten. I mean, granted, there are little ones reading newspapers earlier, but not many in that age group have either the ability or the stamina to get through a full fledged novel. Little Guy also knows how to multiply and divide. Ya think he might get a little bored by kindergarten? Just a wee bit? It pisses me off, because his parents kept him BACK a year. He was supposed to start last year. Unless something drastic happens, I assume he’ll get moved ahead at least a little, but I hate seeing him handicapped that way. At least if he was with us and bored to death at school, I could work with him and try to keep him engaged, but that’s not an option. Bad enough the schools seem intentionally designed to stomp out intelligence these days..

Meanwhile, back at the black hole of mental processes that’s my business plan, I think I spied a glimmer beyond the event horizon. It can’t happen for a couple of more days, but the plan is to drop a couple hundred bucks into some stock purchases. It’s chump change in terms of stock buys. I believe this little beast may technically be considered “penny stocks”, though it’s on the NYSE. (A lot of the penny stocks aren’t.) We shall see if my hunch plays out. I’m not betting the proverbial farm on it, but we can risk that much without going up in financial flames. I’ll be less cryptic if and when the purchase goes through successfully. Then I’m closing eTrade and not looking for a few months, because I’ll drive myself nuts if I follow it daily.

I’m giving hubby two weeks to come up with a viable business, then I’m done. I suggested an option for us for a mostly hands-off business (vending machines). He turned up his nose at it. I told him at the end of two weeks, if he doesn’t have a better idea, I’m going ahead with whatever I decide at that point. To be fair, it most likely won’t be vending machines, because while they require very little time invested, they also make very little money. It’s not worth investing a few hundred bucks for $15-20 a month income, which is well within the realm. (Keep in mind when someone calculates the income from vending machines, it’s ALL vending machines, including the 25 cent gumball machines. They make very little money but you also have a lot less invested in them.) The reason for the ultimatum is we have mumblethousandmumble in savings, specifically for this purpose. I closed out a retirement account so we could start a damned business. And the longer we wait to start the business, the more that money’s likely to be pissed away with nothing to show for it. If that happens, I’m going for the jugular. We already did this once, I followed hubby’s grand ideer I already knew would tank. Two years later, we spent it all and have nothing to show for it. Never made a single penny. So while I’m not going full screaming-banshee on him, neither am I waiting while he hems and haws for two or three more years.

Hubby accuses me of being impulsive.

I DO jump too fast sometimes. But most of the time (case in point, aforementioned stock), you snooze, you lose. Can’t tell you how many times that’s happened. I refuse to snooze. Cutesy rhyming 100% on purpose.

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