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UNLucky Numbers

LAST-SECOND UPDATE THANKS TO LENOVO FUCKING UP: They had the Wrong. Damned. Delivery. Address. I canceled my order with them.

G says I should reach out to them tomorrow. I say HELL no. If I can’t pick it up in person I’m not paying for it, ever. For fuck’s sake.


Done with the bad attitude. The ‘puter issues have lived rent-free in my head long enough. I’m winning the lottery tomorrow and will go buy whatever I want from a brick-and-mortar. While I’m not generally an Apple fangirl, at least I know I can get something kick-ass just walking into their store.

10 thoughts on “UNLucky Numbers”

  1. Ooohh…new toys!!

    Also, WELL DONE YOU!

    Hope your arrival is as promised, and that all goes smoothly.

    In other news, my youngest got a camera bug, heh. A friend was selling a lens and body, and she asked and oh the glee was big! Can’t wait to see what she does with it.

    1. Yeah – except update. Lenovo fucked up the shipping address and I canceled the deal. I’m going to Best Buy tomorrow. It’s not cheaper if it never gets here.

    2. Sorry, didn’t mean to ignore your camera news – how exciting for your daughter! I hope she has a blast with it 🙂

      What kind did she get??


        Both are Canon. Details are not my strong suit on this…digital, and all I remember about the lens is 18-135, and no clue about f-stop. Consulting the text msg…really sharp zoom is all I got, lol. Body is older, but works well.

        1. Nothing wrong with an older body. Mine’s older too and I love it. (I have a Nikon though, because G had a Nikon and we share lenses to save time, money, and space.)

          I bet she’ll have a blast.

  2. Wow! How messed up can delivery get? You are taking all the hits on that topic. I’m so sorry you are dealing with so much frustrating BS. I hope you can find the machine you need in a brick and morter location and be done with this shitshow asap

    1. I re-edited my edit. Calling an end to the BS. My bad attitude is over because I choose to believe the reason all this stuff’s fallen through is the Universe has something better in store for me.

    1. The odds are in our favor. Hey, from what I saw it’s slightly less than a cool billion each, before taxes. I’m magnanimous enough to let you claim half. Even after taxes, that’s enough for me to retire, for my kids to retire, and close enough for my grandkids to retire – and I’ve got a lot of grandkids.

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