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Thank God it’s my “humpday”. My brains are pretty well over it all for the day.

I didn’t log out after work this afternoon and didn’t notice until 8:45pm tonight. I was supposed to log out at 4:30.

I didn’t send up one of my reports today. Only two lines, but still.

Oh, it has definitely been one of THOSE days…

I signed up for Vero for photos but really… I’m outclassed. And not a little bit – those members are magazine-worthy shooters, people who capture magic with every shot. I just have my little desert pictures with my entry-level DSLR, edited to look like they were taken in 1940 with a cheap and even older Brownie camera. I’m improving as a photographer, no question about that. For now, though, my only saving grace is being a Photoshop wizard.

This was picking through a whole bunch of photos:


Amazingly, I knew this was a Chevy. I know how to drive a car but am almost totally “car blind”. I enjoy their lines and adore classic cars. Just don’t ask me to tell you the make or model. Even if I’m looking at the name written on the damned thing, I’m probably going to mess it up.


I enjoy picking through pictures like this with a strong colored element, and then doing the color/no color contrast. I enjoy the result. The process is a pain in the patootie. There’s probably a shortcut. However, I do things the old-fashioned way: copy and paste a new layer on top of the original, then erase everything I don’t want.


This lean-to emphasized the “lean” part of things, in nearly all meanings of the word. I erased some pipes and electrical wires – yes, this place apparently had water and power at one point. Then I used a few techniques to “age” the photo.

No, I didn’t strip out the color here, nor adjust the focus – at least, not so far. I did erase a traffic sign and another rat’s nest of wires. The color makes this image, though I could give it a little dusting of sepia and tone down the overall color to “age” it, if I were so inclined.


I love this old pump housing – enough that I revisited it and took the time to do the cutout/erasue here. And I’m thinking seriously of taking Dangerspouse‘s advice and getting a print of it made.

A real vacation is overdue, a real one. Retirement would be better. I’m busting my backside to get side hustles going to I CAN retire. I’m too old for this shit.

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  1. Hey L, regarding that pic of the green rail, I really think you should try the “Selective Color” feature of your camera. I’ve used that feature on both my D3300 and D5500, and it really works great – and is probably a lot easier than doing it in post.

    There are two ways to do it: choose what color(s) you want the photo restricted to either before, or after, the shot. The latter has an advantage in that it records two photos, one in RAW (assuming you’re shooting in RAW) and one in .JPG. The one in RAW will have no processing done. The .jpg will have the Select Color applied. That way you still have to option to post process the RAW file if you don’t like the .jpg.

    It’s super simple to set up. If I recall, your model is the D3400, right? If so, watch this vid. Start at 3:30, to skip the bozo blathering on with useless fluff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVxYcyClTSs

    And yeah, that pump housing pic? Primo!

    1. Thank you, Terri! I enjoy taking photos. It’ll be better once it cools down, though. It’s too hot to be out for very long daytime this time of year.

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