I’m a wife, mom, grandma and geek, in no particular order. I love to write and wanna be a published author when I grow up. I love playing with tech goodies, though I’m not so tech oriented I have to have every new toy that comes out, WHEN it comes out.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

My hubby (referred in these documents as “G”) is a kind, gentle, hyper-intelligent man (yeah, I know – man and intelligent form a kind of oxymoron) whom generally I love but of course who also can drive me nucking futs sometimes.  I regularly tell him he’s lucky he’s cute.  He answers, with a perfectly straight face, “Yeah, I know.  I get away with a lot of shit.”  He’s right.

I have four kids to whom I gave birth, a few informal adopted kids, various in-laws and outlaws, and seven grandbabies.  My youngest daughter and her baby live with hubby and me.  To her credit (and mine), I haven’t killed her yet. Then again, she survived her teen years – barely – without my killing her, so I guess she might turn out okay after all.  No promises, of course.

The grandson who lives with us is herein denoted as Little Guy.  I know, how original, eh?  He’s smart.  Like, really, REALLY smart.  His doctors call him genius level and it isn’t a figure of speech.

I work full time and am just lazy enough to be looking into ways to retire, preferably before my body implodes into a drooling pile of goo.  So far the body and the goo have the head start.  I recently conceded to using a scooter chair, which I embrace because it allows me the freedom to go where no me has gone before – or at least not for a long time.

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