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Zorba the Geek on Movies

I tend to talk here mostly about my daughters (and all too often in the bitchy capacity, truth be told.)  I mention one or t’nother of my boys now and again, mostly because (at least compared to my girls) the sons are stable.

Geeky as I am, but stable.

It’s kind of awesome, therefore, to be able to add my older son’s BLOG to my links at right.  See where it says Dave’s Movie Reviews?  Yup, that’d be my oldest kid.  He doesn’t do half bad, either.  In fact, he’s pretty darned good at it: articulate, decent spelling and respectable vocabulary to boot.  I never heard of the particular movie he reviewed in his first entry but as he pointed out, he sees a LOT of movies.  With that in mind he’s got a good concept in the works.  I could live without the black-on-white text, but at least it’s a nice clean page in terms of loading speed. And look!  Complete sentences!

I don’t know how customizable Blogger is; if it is cooperative I might do a bit of design work for his site.  Vee shall zee, boys und girls.

It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it?  For years only men COULD write.  If you were female an education wasn’t wasted on you.  Nowadays women make up the majority of bloggers and probably authors, too.  It’s the men in the minority and of those few who do write, only a small proportion of those can do so with any level of competency.  It’s kind of cool to know one of them is my son.

Gotta cut this short and run, have a couple of errands this afternoon.  Just too damned cool not to mention the kid!

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