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Zombification Zone

I’m SO glad I had a four-day weekend this weekend.  I’d only planned on three; the fourth was a call-out but it provided me with a short reprieve, much needed.  I have the PTO, will get my hands slapped but considering how I felt on Friday, it was my only real alternative.

We have the money in hand now and are more or less earnestly looking for a new set of wheels.  I say “more or less” because we’re not rushing into anything, for a whole laundry list of reasons.

I got called at o’dark thirty this morning to go rescue my oldest daughter, the one with the newborn.  She’s had to contend with the hospital and her son’s seizures (family history there – not life threatening but definitely had to get them addressed.)  When everything was said and done she and baby were home but she was so exhausted she just had a meltdown.  Her boyfriend couldn’t deal with her – nobody can realistically when she gets like that, and I was already braced for it.  Between post-partum, all the extra stress, and the fact that she’s already dealing with bipolar disease… let’s just say it wasn’t a big surprise and the timing was fortuitous with my being off work for the long weekend.  I got her calmed enough to get some food and meds into her and got her into bed, and I took care of the baby for a few hours so both the kids could sleep.  It has been a really rough week for them.  She just texted me a few minutes ago to say she’s feeling tremendously better now that she got some rest.

Whilst I was there, baby daddy volunteered to tear into my existing wheels while handing me the keys to their spare vehicle.  So for the next couple of days G and I have got more reliable (if not altogether convenient – will explain in a second) vehicle and baby daddy will get the old monster purring like a kitten in a day or two.  I still plan to do an upgrade shortly, don’t get me wrong; we just have the luxury, if the older monster’s running better, of really taking our time and getting the RIGHT vehicle.  (Which may not come around until next month, and that’s perfectly okay.)

The inconvenience factor?  The loaner runs like a champ BUT the driver’s side window doesn’t roll up once you roll it down and unfortunately the inside door handle on the driver’s side is missing altogether.  Ergo you either have to roll down the window and open the door or clamber across through the passenger side to get out.  It’s an adventure, heh.

And did I mention it’s COLD the past couple of days?  I went driving for a while this afternoon to get the window back up.  You can do it in millimeter-increments only, and it requires taking the circuitous route to and from wherever.  It was somewhere in the mid to upper 50’s F; not bad when you consider the parts of the country buried in snow but for April in the Phoenix metro area, that’s crazy cold.  We got down to near freezing overnight.  This time of year we’re typically in the low 90’s or even topping 100 degrees.

Between all the crazy stuff I’m out of it today.  Not hurting, thank goodness, but definitely semi-comatose.

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