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Yee Haw and Pass the Mustard

The house is still in limbo – the deal isn’t officially dead at this point, just got thrown into negotiations.  Seriously – the folks who are selling have already had two potential buyers walk away, so it would be idiotic to toss another offer to the wind.  Then again, there are a lotta stupid people out there.

Apparently the practice of paying the cash difference between appraisal and offer has become a standard thing in the current market because while prices are dirt cheap, the competition per house is ridiculous.  We’re looking into other properties as a backup because while we still prefer this home for its size and a few other details, we obviously need a plan B – and C, and possibly D.  The only really shitty part of this deal is that the idiot brigade should’ve stated what they wanted up front if they expected that kind of deal.  We could’ve saved everybody’s time.

We do have a couple of other places on the radar – one that’s currently overpriced and slightly on the small side, but will probably come down to realistic price levels in the near future; and another that’s priced right but which comes surgically attached to a set of tenants.  The rental is on a month-to-month basis so it isn’t a deal breaker, but it does add a layer of nebulosity (It is too a word!  Spell check says so!) to any possible offer we’d make.

The smallish house is still a 4 bedroom 2 bath and location is spectacular (considering it’s still out in the boonies).  It would be walking distance to Wally World and other businesses, among other things.  G likes that aspect.  And assuming the child and grandchild ever move into their own place, it would give G and I more room than we’ll ever need.  It’s over 1500sf, so while not huge for 4 bedrooms, neither is it ridiculously tiny.  It’s double the size of the house where my siblings and I grew up in Phoenix and about 400sf higher than our current digs, plus with a garage for car and for storage.  BIG difference.

The photos are crappy but you can get the idea:

If it were just G and I it would be much simpler because we could do a 3 bedroom easily, with less space to boot.  With daughter and baby added to the mix, and G insistent that he needs office space (which is frankly very reasonable) we have to do a 4 bedroom or a 3 bed with a den, and a commensurate increase in available space.  That narrows our choices considerably.

We also can’t do stairs.  If my knee (and G’s ankle) weren’t factors, we’d have a LOT of 2-story places to choose from.  So…  we’re where we are, crunching numbers and dealing with the frustration factor.

I just keep holding onto knowing we will find a place and it will be the right place, for the right price, in the right time.

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