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Yay! Boo! Or something like that!

The sweepstakes things – definitely real.  Got the winners’ affidavit today with the directions to snail mail it to them via certified delivery.  So we get a free ‘puter a few weeks from now.  Is that awesome or WHAT???

The car was a bust, unfortunately.  The little Nissan was a stick shift and while there was a time that would’ve been a selling point in its favor for me, these days it’s physically impossible.  Cute car, though.  They also had a 2008 PT Cruiser and made me an awesome price offer for it; but it didn’t have cruise control and was uncomfortable as hell to drive, and was honestly more than we could afford to pay no matter how you sliced it.  I’m glad we couldn’t make the deal AND glad I had the opportunity to do a test drive.  I don’t want a PT after all, not at any price point.

G and I talked and decided instead of going whole-hog via the dealer we’re going to just upgrade to a more recent rattletrap, which is a bit more up front but carries no payment book over the next several years.  If we bypass car payments, start putting back money again and work toward another upgrade a couple of years from now, we will sooner or later be upgrading into a decent level of vehicle.  We also talked about going to car auctions, knowing you can get some really good deals that way.  Where there’s a will and a couple of thousand bucks in overtime, there’s a well-paved way!

Don’t feel sorry for me.  The thought of taking on a car payment again gave me the hives even though I considered it a necessary evil.  We still intend to upgrade.  Fortunately a ten-year-old car is an upgrade from what we’re driving now and there are plenty of those in our cash price range, not counting auctions.  Maybe with auctions we can grab something even newer and better, who knows?

We just got word we’ll be working Saturday, albeit (thank God) a slightly shorter schedule.  I’m all for that.  My body is already screaming in protest and this is only week two of the marathon.  Urg.  Oh well… car… iPad…  retiring bills…  Whatever does not kill me leaves me either stronger or too deranged to care.   Take your pick.

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