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Wrung Out to Dry

I’ve got about 15 minutes before time to head out to work and not especially looking forward to the drive.  It’s not quite as hot this morning as it’s been some mornings, but it’s monsoon season, which means we get both heat AND humidity.

The standard joke around these parts is that it’s a dry heat.  Kind of like a 350º oven is a dry heat.  As though that made 120º in the shade somehow less hot.  But problem is that it isn’t necessarily a dry heat.  This week we’re “only” in the upper 100º’s range – 106-109º or thereabouts – but with the added joy of humidity.  So driving and walking this time of year are very much akin to life in a sauna. Theoretically they’re great for a few minutes; the reality of it sucks out pretty much your entire life force in the first ten minutes or so.  And yesterday was spent driving for all too many minutes.  If I had AC it would’ve still been muggy, but at least not AS  muggy.

Of course sans AC it was Hell.

On a more positive note, after taking the child unit back to her apartment G and I celebrated his birthday with a candlelight dinner.  I cooked but he got the candles going and he also cleaned up.  I gave a nominal protest on the basis that it was his birthday.  He very sweetly told me to STFU and sit down because I’d run myself ragged and he’d do it.  I STFU and sat down.

Here’s hoping I don’t have to go anywhere today.

Child unit and her boyfriend and baby are going to have to find another place to live.  They’ve jumped through hoops to get rid of bedbugs but their landlord in his infinite wisdom is only treating the units that report the problem, instead of following the LAW and doing a building-wide sweep.  So needless to say, nothing’s resolved.  Kids made arrangements with the office to pay their rent a couple of days late, still got an eviction notice the first day after the rent was due.  They’re so disgusted that they’re looking forward to moving, but don’t have the finances to pack it out yet.  I wouldn’t want to be in that apartment owner’s shoes.  They did a sweep of the place and handed out eviction notices to everyone who reported bed bugs, using any excuse they could find.

Of course that’s useless now because they’re finding the whole complex rife with the things.  And I’ll be sure to post the fact on Craigslist and social media sites to warn people away.

Karma is a bitch – or in this case, a bedbug infestation.

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