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Wizard of Odds

Y’all may not realize it, but when I start farting around with my blog template it is frequently in the midst of a meltdown.  By the time I settle on a design (and I like the current version) I’m more or less back to Zen.  Or maybe it’s catatonia.  I’m not entirely sure there’s a difference sometimes, heh.

It’s frustrating as hell to feel like once again that a carrot (in this case a fantabulous house) has been dangled just out of my reach.  We can afford it, we’re qualified for it, and knee surgery combined with time remaining on our lease spells a whole lot of house-buying delay.  I know intellectually and spiritually that things will work out.  It’s a fact.  I don’t like the delay, but I will deal with it and accept that everything happens in the right time and place.

At least G’s on board with me 100% now. He got a chance to see where we could be living and realized what a difference it would make in our quality of life.  While Ye Puppy of Doggy isn’t on par with Frankenmutt, G also takes pup needs into account and realizes that with our own place, pupster could have a yard in which to romp.  Furthermore we could easily plug in a doggy door so on the days when G isn’t up to walking the dog, the dog can walk himself.

Another thing about our choice of locations: the crime rate is about as close to zero as it comes.  It’s a very new area, no bad parts of town anywhere in the community, and too remote from the bigger cities for it to be worth the hoodlum element’s time to drive out and wreak havoc.  I could live with that and hope to – very soon!

The skies have gone rumbly tonight.  We’re supposed to have rain tomorrow but it arrived early.  The best part of that is that the high temps tomorrow should level out below 70.  I can DEFINITELY live with that!

I flipped on the TV for a while tonight and followed the Yellow Brick Road for a while (yes, the 1939 film was on.)  But the odds in my title are dancing in other directions.  I’ve had a lot – a LOT – of messages from the Universe in the past few days that pounded into my brain that things are changing for the better financially, things which reinforce that the house will work out and so will other things.  As it’s looking now, the change in departments represents approximately an $800 increase per month in my net pay.  That’s huge.  It makes up for what the restructure sucked out and a little more on top of that.  With a little bit of effort I can possibly bump that $200-300 more from time to time.

Lest anybody ask me for a loan, I also am going to have to shell out money for a power chair – which ain’t cheap – and the co-pays for surgery.  I have a Flexible Spending Account (thank God) and that should cover a significant amount if not all of the surgery costs, but not the power chair.  The trade-off is that I will then be responsible for all our meds and doctor visits, etc., out of pocket until this time next year.  I also have to pay off another $1200-ish this year, and living in the boonies means a newer car is an absolute requirement.  I should be able to cover most of that if my salary holds to what’s looking like the new pattern.  It’s the “all of it” that has me kind of holding my breath.

There are other possibilities in the future, as well; I’m waiting to see precisely how they unfold before I am willing to post them here.  The way I see it, though, the odds are in my favor.

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