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Whole Lotta Shaking In The Air

The Earthquakes have been crazy lately and at least a couple of folks have been, depending on your point of view, either capitalizing on it or trying desperately to save lives ahead of what they say is more (and quite possibly worse) to come.

One man correctly predicted the Christchurch quake, at least the second one, and is warning of another to hit within the next couple of weeks.  The predictions are coming from a mathematician.  While  a lot of people are dismissing the guy and accusing him of sensationalism, I kinda can’t see it that way.  Yes, there are media whores out there, no doubt, but they tend to run more along the Charlie Sheen and Munchausen by Internet types, not mathematicians telling people to get out of the danger zone.  This guy’s not claiming to be psychic; he’s calculated based on tides, solar and lunar gravitational influences, etc.

Math guy isn’t alone with his predictions.  Lots of astrologers and even a few scientists are looking hard at the lunar perigee (point when the moon hits its closest orbit to Earth) due on the 19th of this month.  More than a few freaky disasters have hit on previous perigees, ranging from Hurricane Katrina to the huge 2004 quake in Indonesia and the 1964 quake that slammed Alaska.  The perigee obviously doesn’t always wreak havoc, but there’s enough there to have a lot of people taking a mighty close look.  (And if you’re interested – there’s not a perigee on December 21, 2012.  But there IS one on December 19, 2012!)

Another prediction says the same time period could unleash a mega quake on the west coast of the Americas.  California is a known hot spot, but there have also been ominous rumblings further north, in the vicinity of Seattle/British Columbia, that bode scary.  Running in a long line from the southern point of Alaska into northern California is a region called the Cascadia Subduction Zone, an area which has a tendency to shake things up on the order of 9.0 quakes.  Big suckers.  Depending on where you look, the time scale of those monster quakes on the Cascadian line ranges from 300 years out to 600 years.  Since the last known quake was recorded in 1700 (based on records in Japanese history) we’re in the zone.  So to speak.  Of course whether that falls now, in 2012, or in 2312, who knows?

Well, maybe prediction dude knows.  If he hits two for two on his Christchurch predictions, he will either be hired by the USGS or “disappeared” by the people who don’t want the truth to be out there.  Just had to throw in a Mulderism.  This whole thing, for good or bad, is starting to resemble an X File.   Y’all can cue the Twilight Zone theme song in your head, at will.

I think some of the predictions are also centering around South America – Chile and Peru are known quake hot spots, naturally.   Chile is the location of the largest recorded quake ever – 9.5, back in 1960.  That meanst it was several times the power of the Indonesian temblor that wiped out a quarter of a million lives.  Let’s just say I won’t be buying a condo there any time soon.

In case you’re wondering about the penny-to-millionaire thing I stuck in my slider, I haven’t done anything with it so far.  It requires at least nominal brain power and I’m mighty short on that these days.  I took vacation days today and tomorrow.  We did a bit of running around this morning (making sure to be home in time for G’s soccer addiction, heh.)  Then I promptly collapsed into a heap o’ lotta sleep, where I intend to return very shortly.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a bit more coherent.  We actually have a lottery ticket I bought a couple of weeks ago and haven’t yet checked.  We may already be bazillionaires.

Think I’ll sleep on it for now.

Before I head off into the land of Nod, I wanted a bit of feedback on the redecoration.  I like a lot of things about this theme but being blind as a proverbial bat, I had trouble reading my own entries.  I considered switching themes but ultimately decided to just tinker with this one, including modifying the way links display and changing the font in the actual posts.  Feedback welcome – easier to read or not?

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