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When it rains I get wet

Did you ever feel like your life was a series of dominoes?  That’d be us as of late.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing – just a bit overwhelming at times when everything tumbles into place at warp speed, sequentially or all at once.

Remember I said I knew the vehicle would come through at just the right time? It did.  We just bought a nice teal minivan today, not perfect cosmetically but mechanically sound, and for dirt cheap.  Entirely new AC system from A-Z (hallelujah) and new radiator and a couple of other new parts – plus the family mechanic’s taking care of the few nitpicky details it needs. It required a master cylinder immediately, the one “major” repair it needed – we drove it half a mile home only, and it’s being towed the rest of the way to the daughter’s place for the brakes to get fixed.

I don’t mess around with the ability to stop a car.

Fortunately it’s a cheap part, the sweet bonus of buying a popular older American. Daughter’s boyfriend is also doing the minor front end work that needs to be done, except the alignment that requires a machine he doesn’t have.  The only other “repairs” needing done are the aforementioned alignment, an oil change and tires.  (One tire for sure – just not positive yet if it needs one, two or all four.)

It’s clean, runs like a champ, and we paid a ridiculously small dollar amount for it.  If we have to put $300-400 into it, big whoopity doo.  It was one of those vehicles you hear about but rarely see in real life – owned by an elderly driver who maintained religiously.  It shows.

We were literally midpoint in that transaction when my realtor called to say oh, by the way – we’re probably going to be closing on the house this week instead of next. Which will also be awesome.

From here it should theoretically be smooth sailing.  Smooth as you can sail in the desert in monsoon season, anyway!  As overjoyed as I am to be moving into our own house, moving is still a lot of work and it’s still hot as heck outside.  Worthwhile work in this case.  I’ll be whistling while I’m working on this move, and smiling a whole lot.  No more apartment living, WOOHOO!

Oh, and did I mention I got a fantabulous review at work this week?  And a raise?

So while it’s been a wee bit nutzoid around here, it’s been nutzoid in a good way.

G gets the joy of tracking down a moving van and a fridge, in no particular order.  The two biggest purchases are out of the way – the house and the vehicle.  They have been our two biggest stressors for a long time now.  The little stuff’s a piece o’ cake and I don’t know which of us is more relieved.

Driving my older daughter’s car has been a pain in the ass.  No AC and the driver’s side window won’t roll up.  Ergo during the past few days of drenching rain I have gotten soaked while we toodled along.  I’m grateful we’ve had transportation, but I’m sure glad we’re getting our own set of wheels again and everything on it works.

No pictures of the new transport yet – it just got towed away by AAA.  (With our blessing.) I know that makes little sense to anyone reading here: why buy a vehicle that needs work, that requires being towed before you even drive it? Because, my darlin’s, that’s pretty much ALL it needed, and the part for repair was about $60.  All the repair parts together were not a whole lotta money, period.  I’d frankly rather GET the repair done and know for positive that it’s good, than drive an unknown and wonder what part’s gonna fall off first.  We have receipts from the dealership for other repairs.  We gave so little for it that it isn’t remotely painful to cover a few extra bucks of minor this’s and that’s to get it into top running form.

We’re planning an upgrade before too long anyway – with this little beastie to be passed on to younger daughter, who is likewise overjoyed to know she’ll inherit something road-worthy.  So all around, it’s been a tiring, very wet, and worthwhile weekend.

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