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What would Marcia Brady do?

I slept like a log last night… and the night before.  Unfortunately my body didn’t get the memo because, well, I’m barely awake at 4pm-ish on a Saturday afternoon.  Throw in the fact that I’m trying gamely to cook tacos for dinner and it’s kind of a surreal day.

The title reference to Marcia Brady is a leftover from yesterday.  My colleagues and I use a type of instant messenger to transmit timely info on outages, etc.  We also, by Friday afternoon, are so brain-fried as to exchange utterly stupid non-sequiturs.  The only one that stuck was WWMBD? [What would Marcia Brady do?]  It had absolutely no bearing on the reality then and still doesn’t now.  Which is a perfect analogy for my utter vacuum of cohesive thought for the day.

This morning was a run to the grocery store for some staples (food staples, not the metal bendy things!) and this afternoon other than an abbreviated run to a different grocery store for the stuff I forgot on the first run (partly also because Grocery Store #1 is a specialty outlet that didn’t carry most of the go-back list) I’ve been pretty much lazy.  And warm.

Urg.  It’s that time of year again, boys and girls, whereupon the thermometer hits the “tilt” stage at the top.  Arizona is a gorgeous paradise compared to the rest of the world in winter.  Come summertime, the Devil heads for cooler territory.  We’re only around 100 or thereabouts today.  By next weekend throw in another ten degrees.  Arizona in summer isn’t a place for wussies.  Though turning up the AC a bit helps.  (Something I just did.  G still has his perpetual death wish when it comes to the thermostat at home and I’ve already served warning that it had better sit in reasonable territory for the duration or I’m gonna have his balls on a silver platter.)

Digital FortressGiven my lazy gene is in overdrive today I’ll just say I’m reading a book by Dan Brown, one called Digital Fortress.  I wasn’t a fan of his Angels & Demons or DaVinci Code.  I could care less about the quasi-religious overtones, I just thought they were sloppy writing.  So far Digital Fortress is substantially better paced and less repetitive.

The photo link takes you to Amazon.

I have been on a Nora Roberts binge for a while, and am a particular fan of her works with a supernatural leaning.  Dan Brown makes a nice diversion.  I am still reading Terri’s work but set it aside for the day because I’m too bleary-eyed to do anything that requires the slightest modicum of brainpower.  Terri’s book is engrossing enough it’s already tough to watch for errors.  (Lest anyone worry, they’re few and far between for her anyway!)

Meanwhile I’m trying to get up enough energy to go chop veggies for the tacos.  If I didn’t figure I’d get hungry before the night was out I’d say the heck with it, go crawl into bed and sleep ’til morning.  I have hamburger in the microwave though, and can’t justify letting it go to waste.  Besides which, in about half an hour or 45 minutes my tummy will give me Hell if I don’t feed it something more nutritional than a Hostess cupcake or any of its junk food equivalents.

We had both of our newest babies over last weekend.  My oldest daughter’s son, the one who’s just under 2 months old, was born with a club foot.  Considering she’s bipolar and medicated for it, we consider that a small issue.  The doctor said mild as it is, it’s relatively simple to remedy.  The child also is, according to the doctor, leaps and bounds ahead in development.  Short Stuff is very, very vocal and demands interaction.  That is, he doesn’t just coo and jabber; he reacts strongly to anyone who talks to him, is adamant in his responses and expects you to respond in kind.  If you’ve seen the twin-talk video, drop that level of discussion into a baby who’s less than two months old.  (The twins in the video were 18 months old.)  Having four kids and this being my fifth grandbaby in chronological order, I’ve seen a baby or three and know it’s uncommon.  His foot may be turned to the side but his mind, hearing and vision are certainly active!

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