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What the Freak?

You wanna hear bizarre?  You wanna here EXTREMELY bizarre??

For anybody who’s been reading through all the permutations of my diary, y’all probably can remember the shithead who tracked me down while G and I were separated.  There were multiple shitheads along the way, obviously, but this was THE shithead we’re talking about here.

Would you believe said shithead had the temerity to email me again and ask me to call him?

Good thing I didn’t have a drink in my hand, or this laptop would’ve been DOA from the sputter!  I have to admit, it was hard to smother the gut-level laughter at that kind of stupid.  I just emailed back sweetly and informed him I ain’t calling, I’ve changed my phone number and I am in the process of moving.  I think that expressed a pretty eloquent HELL NO, don’t you?  It didn’t even require the use of four-letter words.  Though it was a near thing.

We did indeed pick up the key to the new place today and when we went in, instead of the expected bland white tile in the apartment I saw… wood floors!

Well, carpet and faux plastic wood, but it looks pretty good anyway.  Not perfect – antiquated dishwasher (we saw the model; the one we are actually renting was occupied when we first toured) but I don’t care as long as it works.  Still much more space, and holy moley the LIGHT!  WINDOWS!  We’ve been living in this dark little box so long I forgot what it was like to have natural light in the place.

The kid is officially not moving in now.  We had them strike her name from the lease.  The base rent won’t change but it WILL affect other things.  And since she ISN’T packing her happy little butt in with us, we get the added luxury of a separate office and lots and lots of space in the bedroom.  There’s actually a sitting area in the master bedroom, easily big enough to add an easy chair and a little table.  I think I’ve coerced wheedled threatened convinced G not to put anything in front of the fireplace.

G offered to carry me over the threshold.  I didn’t really want to pay for the truss so I declined the offer.

We took over a handful of things today and will be going back tomorrow with more.  We will be doing the U-Haul thing for most of our stuff but some things are just simpler to cart over in the car,  Plus I have no  intention of digging desperately through a mountain of  boxes to find a roll of TP on moving day!

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