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What Real Women Want for Christmas, Part Deux

If you’re wondering about the “Part Deux” in my title, that’s because I swiped this idea from Thrilary‘s page. Her entry is an homage to those guilty moments of “I want” that are mostly stuck in that phase because, for whatever reason, they’re outside our grasp. However, she also cited a few things that I believe she’d acquired from time to time.

My list isn’t restricted to the holidays, because I’m not a holiday kind of person. Oh, I’ll make something yummy and spend the time with family, but my gifting – both directions – isn’t holiday-centric. If I love someone, I give them gifts when the gift is available and when they are available, regardless of what it says on the calendar. My birthday tends to be pretty mundane, as does Christmas at our house. This year in particular, we’re not going to do a tree or any other fuss, and I’m fine with that. So this is kind of a general wish list for things and experiences and whatever else settles into my brain.

So, what this woman wants, in no particular order:

  1. esp-cover-fadeTo publish my two current books in progress. One is fiction, one non-fiction, both written at someone else’s behest.
    The fiction was a dare, because I don’t do romance. (I don’t even do romance well in real life, never mind on paper.) So my romance, while it’s in progress, is embedded into a tale of tarot, palm reading, and crazy conspiracy theories, all wrapped around a Dan Brown-esque subplot. Hey, I don’t like doing anything halfway, ya know?
    The non-fiction is a book on how to do readings with crystals, which has been an interesting journey. I’ve talked to several people who use crystals to do readings, and none of them employ the same techniques. I started with the one I thought was the most adaptable for people to learn, and integrated details from other readers as well. It includes diagrams and other goodies. And unlike the other things I’ve done, both of these books will be in paperback.
    The cover design for the romance may end up changing. I had a hard time finding an image that did what I wanted it to do, and pretty sure the font’s gonna go a different direction, but you get the idea. I’ve seen a lot of romance books that have some pretty explicit covers, and that ain’t my style, even though there are segments of erotica in the book. I don’t have the cover done for the crystal-reading book yet. Book covers are simple for me. Writing takes a wee bit more time.
  2. A job that’s close to home and within the scope of my abilities. I’m applying all over the place but not doing retail. While my knees have been kind to me this winter, I’d have to do retail in a wheelchair. Not impossible, but not very practical. I have an interview next week for a seasonal office job with a CPA. I also have a friend who’s sent me SEVERAL referrals over the past week, all freelance but at least the kind of freelance work that’s worth the trouble. She works for a university that hires freelancers for graphics and copy writing, so we’re not talking someone who wants to get it done for free. I helped her format her book for print, and we did a trade. While that’s lovely in some cases, we do need a form of income that lets us pay the bills, too.
  3. This loveseat. We only have chairs in the living room right now and it’s not working for my body. I have a cot stretched out in the middle of the floor, because it’s the only way my legs give me a break. I love this one for its color and style! If I do get the job next week, a similar one might accidentally be delivered to our doorstep a short while later. Maybe. Accidentally.
  4. To survive the next four years of horror under our new political regime – or possibly not. If you read this blog, you know my thoughts on the matter.
  5. This or almost any hand cream from Crabtree and Evelyn. They’re my guilty OMG-want pleasure. Expensive, rich, and luscious stuff in a metallic tube.Crabtree and EvelynI love their gardeners’ hand cream – it’s super rich and does amazing things to soften skin. Probably not all natural and therefore probably not super good for me, but dang…
  6. This or most any dress from They create ethical clothing – environmentally conscious and conscientious about their employees. Their style is boho and I especially love the tea length versions.Since most are rayon blends and simply drape and tie, it’s kind of like wearing a nightgown all day, only less frowned-on by society. A former colleague told me about them and I swear one of these days I’ll be ordering from them. Their clothing is more lovely in person than in the pictures, and they cover a wide range of sizes. They’re a little more than my budget now, at about $50 a dress, but not so far out that it’s completely off the table.
  7. To do a whirlwind tour that lets me meet and have fun with ALL my online friends! I’ve met a few face-to-face and have enjoyed every single experience. Most people are very much what they seem in their writing, probably because writing lets the real “us” shine through, often more clearly than when we shake someone’s hand. By the time you meet someone with whom you’ve been conversing online for a while, you’re already old friends and there’s little or no awkwardness. Just an awesome time.

I’m with Thrilary. If you want it, here’s the time to say so, either in comments or on your blog. I won’t tag anyone here, which would be silly, but if you do it, please allow me to read.


  1. LA LA December 7, 2016

    Terrific list! Let’s see if this finally lets me post something. ~LA

    • leilani leilani Post author | December 7, 2016

      It did indeed!

  2. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel December 7, 2016

    Love this. My list will be done in a few weeks. I have too much going on right now to even take the time to create anything. All will be revealed by the end of this week on Facebook. Some day I will learn to stop putting stress into my life when I don’t have to. LOL.

    • leilani leilani Post author | December 7, 2016

      Thanks, Teri. Looking forward to your list!

  3. Hil Hil December 7, 2016

    I love it when we can bounce blog ideas around! It really makes a good community. I have ordered from Holy Clothing…so lovely, and soft!

    • leilani leilani Post author | December 8, 2016

      It’s a blast to share ideas, and I loved this one! I couldn’t think of much in terms of physical goods that I expressly wanted for Christmas, but the things I listed? Oh yeah!

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