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Well THAT was interesting

The storm yesterday was more of a doozy than I realized – stuff still coming out.  My son said on his Facebook page that a tornado rolled by his place while he watched.  There was of course no “official” confirmation of tornadoes in the area, which is kind of like saying if the President doesn’t see a lion in Kenya therefore they don’t exist.  There WERE confirmed tornadoes north of here that ripped through Flagstaff.  There are a whole lot of shattered windows, collapsed roofs, demolished mobile homes, massacred cars and more.

Getting to work this morning wasn’t the nightmare I was afraid it might be,  work was typical overall if you don’t count the colleagues who were picking broken glass out of their lives.  My street was still closed this afternoon thanks to the downed power lines, trees, etc., but fortunately I was able to weave my way through a couple of side streets to make it home.  I think the McDonald’s down the street might’ve gotten smashed by a power pole – hard to say.  The whole area was blocked off by a parade of maintenance and emergency vehicles so it’s a safe bet it and all the other businesses for a good mile-long strip were closed for the day at least.

I’m dead on my ass this afternoon so going to lock her down shortly.  We did spring for the Windoze 7 family pack to bring us up to the 21st Century on our computers (were still using XP) which G installed on my machine today.  I’m glad – it’s faster than my old XP install, I’m sure in part because we pared down a lot of programs.

Here’s hoping for a considerably less eventful night tonight!

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