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Weekend Worrier

Despite achieving quite a bit this week, I’m stressing. I’m always stressing. What else is new? Gotta get the AC fixed on the car sometime this week. First gotta get the window AC setup at the house and do a scrub-down of the ceiling and walls in prep for painting. The stuff we’re using to wash things down is pretty intense stuff, so I need gloves and eye protection. We have both, and I know the gloves are already there. Dunno where the safety goggles reside at the moment.

I need to get a sponge mop and a bucket to use for the wash-down. I made a trip today and managed to forget to get them. I got everything else under the sun, just not the main reason I was going. According to G that was the main reason, anyway. In reality I had a list of stuff to get and remembered to get most of it.

Part of what I had to get was clothes for both of us. G needed some basics. I needed everything. I have lost a LOT of weight over the past few months. Didn’t realize how much until I started literally walking out of my clothes – even shirts were to the point of falling off. I bought a size smaller – ummm… nope, still didn’t fit. I finally tried things on. (I know – what a concept!) Turns out I’m down three sizes from when I was working. Not dieting so much as simply eating healthier. The weight loss has helped with the joint pain, though this weekend it came roaring back with a vengeance.

I’m hoping it doesn’t dog me all week. We’ve got sooooo much to do. G hopes to have all the painting done this week, the earlier the better.

We still need to coordinate with the handyman about the plumbing. G has a very lackadaisical attitude about getting the water issues remedied. It drives me insane, because to me that’s kind of a priority.

Think about this for a minute. If we can’t use the water, I can’t scrub down anything and painting is not going to happen, and painting needs to be done before flooring. The kitchen faucet is a piece o’ junk, definitely not usable for anything. Bathroom faucet isn’t any better. I don’t know about the bathtub, but not putting any bets on it being any more functional. Even the toilet is barely usable at this point. The place has been sitting empty for so long that the lines are all clogged with grit and such, and the kitchen faucet is broken. There was a water filter on it that broke off in G’s hand, taking a chunk of the cheapo faucet with it. We knew this going in. But hey – we can forestall water indefinitely, right? Because nobody needs water to paint, or to go to the bathroom, or any of those other little details, right?

With G, we’re talking about a member of the male species, one who periodically displays the complete absence of functioning brain cells. You can’t get through to him when he digs in his heels. So I’m going along to watch when the facts dawn on him. I might point and laugh, on principle. I’ll spare him the overdue, “I told you so”, because it will be redundant at that point. Any sympathy I possess draws a line when The Stupid comes out to play.

It’s past midnight and this is going to be a long week. Guess I’d better sign off and call it a night.



  1. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel August 15, 2016

    There is very little logic when it comes to men’s minds. They can only focus on one thing at a time but they excel at ignoring anything their wife might suggest!. Congrats on losing so much weight.

    • leilani leilani Post author | August 17, 2016

      THANK you. I agree. When I can get him to sit down and stop with the defiance for defiance’s sake, he generally does figure it out. He was talking about painting the kitchen cabinets after we move in – I pointed out then we’re painting around dishes and food. (Not to mention over new flooring.) He thought about it for a while before acknowledging it makes a lot more sense to do it up front instead. I finally got through about the water issue – and since he putzed around all this time, we now have to wait because the handyman has a bunch of other projects ahead of us.

      Gotta love it.

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