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Weekend in Pair ‘o Dice

I suppose my title implies the weekend’s been a crap shoot.  That’s about it, heh.

Not all bad, I should add, as G’s gradually dredging himself out of his funk.  He got up today and moved the computers around so they’re setup in our bedroom.  The kid’s laptop is looking like it may be DOA; I suggested she ask G to take a look at it because he’s pretty good at resuscitating computers.  There’s also nothing better to drag him fully out of his pity party than for one of “us girls” to let him know he’s needed.


G has complained for the past few days that he doesn’t feel well.  Considering he hasn’t eaten for at least two days that’s not surprising.  But again – I can’t help it when he chooses to curl up in his own little world and pout.

The daughter’s boyfriend spent tonight at a friend’s house with the plan to land a job within the next few days.  His friend’s place is on the bus line and friend’s already bought him a bus pass for tomorrow.  Boyfriend says he’ll take a $10 an hour telemarketing job to fill in until he can land something that pays better.  I find that funny considering how many people consider a $10 an hour job a good paying job.  God knows there was a time I did.

Meanwhile my daughter’s been trying to put some kind of order into what used to be our office.  It’s now pretty much empty space except one computer desk and a mini shelf unit topped by a 13″ TV.  They’re trying to figure out how to get her bed from her older sister’s place.  Older sister’s boyfriend isn’t likely to offer help, given that little sister is the one who beat the crap out of him a few weeks back.

Good God, my life would make a perfect soap opera, wouldn’t it?  That is, if it weren’t quite so insane.

At least a dozen times, people I’ve known have told me I should write my life story.  I just laughed and told them there was no way anyone would believe it.  I wasn’t kidding.

Part of the reason the weekend seemed weird was that I barely cooked, and normally weekends are big meals.  I had a whole lot of leftover roast beast and turned that into stew today.  It was okay but  nothing to brag about.  The daughter’s cooking tomorrow – mom has already decreed it.  The laundry is done, our bathroom’s been outfitted for use, and overall the place still looks reasonably good.  (G decided when we first moved in that with only him and me here it made sense to just use – and therefore clean – one bathroom, except in cases of emergency.  Therefore I hit the dollar store to pick up a shower curtain and hooks and a one of those little soap holders, the rubber toothy kind that keeps the soap from turning to mush.  The cheapie shower curtain is good enough for the moment.)

Poolie, if you read this entry, you’ll be glad to know I got spammed by you.  Over 100 notices tonight in fact!  WordPress has this really cool feature where you can subscribe to be notified of new posts.  (I don’t think it works here since I installed WordPress on my own space, rather than actually being ON WordPress.)  For some reason it decides now and then to notify me of every post going back ad infinitum.  Not sure if Poolie imported stuff from WordPress or what, but it  was a crack up to get so many notifications at once.

One REALLY good bit of news. From the time I started hypnosis I can tell a noticeable difference in how much I’m eating, and in the way my clothes fit.  Hopefully the trend continues.  Unfortunately the school’s clinics are done for the time being and while the student who was working with me was going to contact me to set some follow ups, I haven’t heard from her yet.  If nothing else I know it’s worth pursuing as one option for going from a rubenesque silhouette to something a bit healthier.  I intend to fit into normal clothing sizes again and keep it that way.

What I was also hoping to pursue was some alternatives in the form of Reiki, past life regression and a couple of other disciplines.  I am not being greedy – my hypnotist is studying several things and wanted a guinea pig and I was more than happy to agree.  I imagine I’ll hear from her eventually.  Everything in its time…

Considering it’s after 11 (speaking of time) and I have to be awake at 3am, this needs to be put to bed so I can put myself to bed.  Ciao!

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