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We All Live On A Dirt Ball

My dream – wild and insane as it sounds – is to own my own home.  Free and clear would be extremely awesome, too.  I think I’ve decided to live in a cob house.  I don’t mean corncobs, though I’d be perfectly happy to use those, too, if the opportunity arose and they were suited to the purpose.

A cob house, in this context, is a home built of predominantly natural and native materials: rammed earth, stone, etc., located in the vicinity of the home.  The ultimate “green” house, if you will.

These aren’t all cob homes, but they’re definitely structures that march to the beat of a different drummer.  One in particular resounded with me.  I’ll post the images at the bottom of the post because frankly they’re too humongous and will bleed over into the sidebar.  Not that I mind on principle, but I don’t want to obscure picture with the overlaid text, ya know?

I’ve been reading a pretty unique book on Atlantis, once that mixes in real archaeology with a whole lot of Edgar Cayce and other psychics.  I’m not opposed to the psychic content on principle.  I just wish I weren’t reading along with carefully-footnoted historic references followed immediately (often in the same sentence) with some rather “out there” psychic claims.  It’s jarring mentally to jump through pell mell.

Whether or not you believe Atlantis existed as a physical location on Earth, in the time period outlined by a certain philosopher, it’s an intriguing vacation to tiptoe across incredible feats achieved with, to quote Spock, “Stone knives and bear claws.”  You have to look at the pyramids, the Sphinx, South American architecture like Tihuanaco and Maccu Piccu, not to mention the remarkable cities of ancient Mexico.  On the opposite side of the world we’re discovering more and more evidence of highly advanced civilizations, millennia ago.  We once pooh-poohed the idea of humans and mastadons in the same time period – right up until we discovered mastadon carcasses riddled with arrow and spear points.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the newest offering on the SciFy Channel, Fact or Faked.  One of their advertising blurbs says it’s what Mulder would have done after the X-Files folded – only this is the real thing.  It’s an interesting group of scientific types who do for the weird and unexplained what Ghost Hunters do for the paranormal: try to debunk if they can, and if not, conceded that maybe things are as weird as they look.

I’d write more but my bed is calling my name.  So for now, here’s the house I love, in all its trash-to-treasure, twiggified glory:

Green House Exterior

Green House

By the way – you can read the article by its builder and resident here.

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