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Want. Major Want.

Samsung Galaxy Hybrid

I am drooling here.  This picture?  It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note.  Is it a phone or a tablet?

How about meeting in the middle?  It has features and functions of both, runs on Android, and I suspect this is the next wave of tech must-haves.

The “best of both” factor is why I want it, muchly.  It’s larger than your average smartphone at around 5.5″, but smaller than a tablet.  Small enough to tuck into a purse without fighting for space and big enough to be practical as an e-reader and for casual surfing.  If it’s got a tablet’s battery life and is available with my cell provider I’m SO there for my next phone.  The downside is its origins from Samsung, which I do NOT like.  On the other hand, if Samsung offers this, maybe by next spring we’ll start seeing comparable gadgets from other makers.

Ack – just got the message of a MASSIVE power outage stretching across Arizona, California and Mexico.  We here in the Phoenix metro area are (so far) doing okay but I feel for some of the others stuck in this miserable heat without AC.  It’s been an extreme summer this year in the desert.  As we approach the middle of September we are STILL seeing daytime high temperatures hovering near 110ºF, long past the point when the thermometer should be declining.

Also – for any of my readers who know and are/were friends with Rosie, please send her all good thoughts, and your prayers if you’re spiritually inclined.  She was air lifted to the Phoenix area overnight following a stroke and brain hemorrhage.  I’m waiting to hear more from her daughter but at last message it was still largely touch-and-go.  If anything changes I will absolutely post as much as her family permits and deems appropriate.

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