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Ummm… there will be no name for the car mentioned in the last entry, as we sold it at a loss. Couldn’t take her to a mechanic until after she was purchased; one tank of gas was enough to send me scrambling, though, considering the top quarter of the tank formed a lake beneath my car the following morning. Turns out she was a death trap, with all KINDS of issues, far too many for me to tackle. We lost a few hundred bucks on her and decided we’re better off with an AC-less old monster than with something which would’ve cost us $1000 or more to make her safe. We lost less money selling her than it would’ve cost to repair her.

G was beating himself up about it but as I pointed out, it was a joint decision and we both ultimately agreed that it was a lesson well learned.  We sold it for enough to pay back a short-term loan, get some necessities we’d been putting off (including new shoes for us both, since neither of us can do cheap footwear) and the remainder’s slated to get the business moving, or else.

You want to know the truth?  I prefer the way it turned out.  Now that I’ve got a shorter drive to work, I’d rather get the business up and running than get another car right now, triply so after my body decided to deep-six all that “getting better” stuff this weekend.  (Not a cold, nor flu, just a massive flare-up of the fibro.)  Once we get a couple of sites up and do them right, we’ll more than make up for the loss, anyway.  I just have to do it myself because G’s going to sit on his butt until I collapse entirely.  Which, granted, could be about tomorrow or maybe next week at this rate, but that’s beside the point.  I understand he wants to get it right but sometimes you just have to get it MOVING!

We scored the identical twins – if you don’t count the age difference, heh – of G’s favorite shoes this weekend.  We’d bought him a pair a few years back when I worked tech support for a major department store chain that does appliances and such.  Considering the number of miles he puts in using Nike Express and how critical foot and ankle support are for him, I was glad we were able to find the same exact model for him.  He said they were the only shoes he ever wore that were super comfortable from the moment he bought them.

I took a chance and ordered shoes for myself online.  I tried to find something at local stores but nobody has the size I need unless I’m willing to fork out about $150, if I can find anything at all.  Even the specialty wide shoe store a couple of miles from here didn’t have anything that fit.  I found a pair of Hush Puppies sandals at a favorite online spot and with a very generous coupon code was able to whittle an original $100 cost down to around $60, delivered.  My two-year-old crocs are destined for the dumpster; they literally tear holes in the sides of my feet nowadays.  Other than my deteriorating used-to-be-white sneakers, the crocs are still the closest thing I’ve got to comfortable shoes right now, even so.

There are starlets and fashion models and such who dsestroy their feet with shoes.  Why on EARTH would anyone do that???  I have seen very pretty young women whose feet literally were oozing and festering beneath the straps of high-heeled shoes.   Honey, NO amount of fashion is worth that, not even Jimmy Choo or whatever is the latest and greatest.  Astronomical price tags should mean better quality and better fitting shoes, for goodness sake.  If it doesn’t fit, you must… QUIT!  (The shoes, anyway.)

Going to call it a night for now.  My body is demanding I arrange it in any position so long as it’s reclining.

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