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Waiting for the Other House Slipper to Drop

It’s too early to be awake, at least for a day off.  But I’ll be off soon to get the brakes done on the car, which necessitates faking consciousness.  Ugh.

This theme is temporary, though I do like it. At least I would if it wasn’t so brown. Love the layout and the general feel of the graphics.  I have another theme in the wings, one with more color.  It’s just that the new theme takes some editing, and I’m doing the editing before I upload it.  Or I will if I can ever get an uninterrupted hour or two at the computer.

Angela, no I didn’t create the notebook  theme.  Loved the colors there; but unfortunately it was a narrow-page theme that dumped the extra sidebar.  One of these days I’ll take the time to figure out how to design my own page.  In the meantime I’m just putzing along with some of the free themes you can get for WordPress.  You can do that somewhat with the actual WP site – not sure what their space limits are.  I imagine you’d be limited on how many themes you could upload.  Here I’m close to unlimited space, so obviously not worried about uploading a whole bunch of themes and allowing for one-click installations on a whim.  I think I’ve got twenty or so uploaded, with a handful more on my local machine.

The one I’m editing and will likely keep is nice and gadgety.  It has some built-ins that are just plain fun, plus it’s in shades of reds and oranges.  The format reminds me a bit of magazine page.  Perfectly appropriate for a former news person, someone who left the biz and never looked back!

If you’re wondering about my title, it’s not a morose, brooding reference.  You see, ye Puppy of Doggs(TM) has taken to bringing G and me our bedroom slippers.  He doesn’t chew on them; just brings them in and deposits them on the living room rug, right in front of the loveseat.  Trouble is, he brings one of G’s and one of mine, and we still can’t find the other half of either pair!  There’s another more subtle reference, too.  In English the term we use for a man whose life is made miserable by a bossy, impossible woman is “henpecked husband”.  The corresponding idiom in Dutch, pantoffelhelf, translates “slipper husband”.

Ack – gotta go.  Mom’s taxi is taking the kidlet to work, then gotta get those brakes fixed before “brake” equals “break”!

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