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Waiting for a ride

Just got back from the grocery store, thanks to a ride from my son.  G normally walks to get what we need – we’re half a mile from a grocery store one direction and half a mile from a grocery-inclusive Target another direction, thank God – but for as much stuff as we needed today the ride was kind of a necessity.  We were out of too many staples.

Still waiting to hear whether I’ve got a ride for work tomorrow or will need to call a cab.  I’ve both phoned and texted and at this point I assume I’ll be on my own.  I can do that if needed but would be hard-pressed to cover it for more than a couple of days.  Cabs ain’t cheap.

I wrote another entry on the Ancient Humanity site, though I was hoping for more input from other folks.  I wanted to write some more on reincarnation, for example, but ended up sidetracked on other issues.  Still hoping Poolie (or Terri, or anyone else, for that matter) will weigh in with their experiences, too.  And I am thinking of posting about another regression I experienced that left me feeling slightly sucker-punched.

Meanwhile, I’m calling this a short entry here.  I’m kind of zoned out this weekend and need to be up tomorrow at o’dark thirty either to get a ride or to call a cab.

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