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Some days the bug hits the windshield.  Some days the windshield hits the bug.  Some things just bug you.  And some days are just nucking futs.

Today kinda leaned toward the latter.

Work was, um… yeah.  I won’t go into the deep down particulars, but the rumor mills are working overtime with regard to my job, and  despite the pooh pooh ‘tude, where there’s smoke there’s usually a Marlboro or three on the patio.  Given that in general my physical well being has been a lot more “being” than “well,” I wasn’t in the mood for the typical yakkity-yak on the subject as my colleagues gossiped back and forth on the subject.  I was just tryin’ to get through the day with something intact.  Long as they don’t outsource to India or slash and dash everybody’s salary (which would be sixty kinds of stupid and pretty typical of Big Business) I don’t care.

Then I dragged my butt home, thinking to have a nice, mellow, uneventful evening of kicking back.  But nooooo…

G has been dog-sitting for a kid here in the complex.  This young man’s younger than my youngest daughter and this is his first place.  He has a blue pit puppy the size of a small Volkswagen and with one of the sweetest personalities you can imagine.  G walks the puppy while said kid is at work, which takes a load off the puppy and the kid, and G thoroughly enjoys it.

Unfortunately when G went this afternoon to walk the doggy, the doggy was dog-paddling in knee-deep water.  There was a busted water line in the apartment and G was worried that on top of everything else the pup would be electrocuted as there was a small fan on the floor, plugged in and chugging through the bog.  G grabbed the pup, turned off the power, put the kid’s (fortunately sparse) furniture on the countertop, and made a mad dash to the office for help.  From there they called the kid to come home from work, and we inherited a baby elephant extra dog for the remainder of the day whilst the youngster was evacuated temporarily to another apartment.

The bedroom door was closed so there was no furniture damage there, but they were draining the lake and ripping out carpet and this poor kid was moved to the other place for four days…  until the new tenants move into THAT apartment, at which time he’s expected to take off yet another day of work to move himself into yet ANOTHER apartment.  Not cool, but it was kind of an, “Oh crap, what are we going to do?” moment that called for desperate measures.

With all the brouhaha, we invited the extra munchkin for dinner and our own Puppy of Doggy was very vocal and physical in expressing his displeasure at the invader.  The pit pup truly is the most mellow thing you can imagine, and at six months old is easily double the size of our chihuahua-beagle mix.  But our Chi-Beagle had a major chip on his shoulder and spent the night howling, snarling, snapping, and generally being a territorial little shit.  I’m glad for his protective instincts, to a degree – but it was annoying as hell that he wouldn’t get over himself this afternoon, even though he knows this dog.  They play together at the dog park. (Yes, there is a dog park at our complex.  We really lucked out.)

And as is typical, the daughter unit decreed she needed a ride to the grocery store for some staples that had come un-stapled from our pantry and fridge.  Again, not a huge deal normally but I am short on gas, shorter on temper and it was yet another intrusion to what I once dreamed would be a nice quiet afternoon & evening.

I’m liking my new Crackberry overall.  It has some seriously nifty stuff on it.  Unfortunately my bluetooth headset is on its last legs… or is it last ear?  The little piece that hooks over my ear is disintegrating.  I really didn’t want to spend the money for anything else at the moment, but I use the heck out of my headset and consider it a safety device.  I won’t drive without it.

I’d hoped with this big check to get a little better bed.  G decreed it was more critical to upgrade to Win 7 family pack.  I can see his point; the family pack’s out in October again for comparatively cheap, cheaper for the 3-banger than it normally costs for one full-install package; and we can pick up a bed virtually any time.  But at the moment it’s a toss up which is falling apart faster: the bed or the bluetooth.  Of course we also have the regular bills, and this and that and a little of something else.  And I’m feeding four people now, paying the utilities for them, etc.

Throw in the rumor mill at work, a raging headache tonight, and I’m sooooo looking forward to a better day tomorrow.

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