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Vroom Vroom!


Cost me a pretty penny, but the car’s got new tires – again.  The ones I just bought a couple of months ago were absolutely demolished because the alignment was shot to hell.  While I can’t say I’m overjoyed to have paid twice for the tires, I’m glad the car’s safe again and should be getting much better mileage.  Besides the tires, I had to get front brakes.  What I DIDN’T know was that the right front brake was frozen on, so again – kinda important.  There were a smallish handful of repairs needed, all maintenance-type things.  All the combined repairs set me back just shy of $750.  I was glad to have it done and knew it had to be done, but was crushed because, well, there went my budget for my scooter chair.

Except I crunched some numbers yesterday and decided that while I wasn’t thrilled with shoveling out more money, it would be better than permanent unemployment.  So I bit the bullet and laid down $400 at a dealership to hold a refurb’ed chair.  The brain didn’t engage until I was halfway home; I have money in my bank account that belongs to my daughter (both of us got tax refunds) and that hey – she’d probably loan me the balance I still owed.  She did.

Later this morning we are going to drive back into town and pick up my chair!  I’m so relieved – a couple of nasty falls, including one when I was holding my grandson, convinced me it’s time to do this.

Hopefully with the corresponding reduction in pain and exhaustion (it is killing me toddling around all day on a walker) I will start doing things again like writing here, and heck – going places I couldn’t go because I was so restricted in my mobility.  It was all I could do most days to get to work and back.  Weekends and nights I spent in bed trying to recover.  I might even try to take in a movie now and then!!!  And reading – I’m going back and reading friends’ posts today.  Playing catch-up, but reading!

Also great news – the daughter finally has her own vehicle.  And while it’s mighty old and not a raving beauty, it’s got a rebuilt engine, new clutch and brakes.  It stops and it goes.  That makes it a good deal in my world, lol.

Grandma’s bragging rights ahead!


See that animated little guy in the picture?  He’s the grandson who lives with us and is 20 months old now, and has an intellect that’s just this side of scary.  He can not only count to twelve, but recognizes numbers when they’re written down.  He and his mommy were at a restaurant when he started reciting numbers.  When his mommy started searching for whatever it was he saw, she realized he was reading them where they were painted on the outside of the window over the door – and he was reading them in the right order, as if he were looking at them forward rather than backward.  I know adults who can’t do that.  I have no idea if the order aspect was a fluke or if Little Guy’s spatial conceptualization is just that strong.

Little Guy knows most shapes, including obscure ones like crescent, cylinder and octagon.  He is learning his colors and shows a definite affinity for the color yellow.

Oh, and Little Guy loves hats.  (Poolie will applaud.)  He’s now up to a collection of a dozen or so, ranging from the above fedora to a felt derby picked up at a yard sale, a cowboy hat (a la “Woody” from Toy Story), a knitted “sock monkey” hat, and more.

Little guy also is an artiste in the making, and extremely passionate about his art.

Ask him to go to bed?  No sweat. He crawls into my bed and curls up next to me, happy as a clam.  He can deal with having toys taken away from him.  But if he’s coloring and you take away the crayons and paper, he is just devastated.  First time we took them away he truly panicked.  It’s a little easier now that he knows he will get his colors and paper back every day, and we invested in a small wooden table for that purpose.  (I bought him a chair a while back.)  He still doesn’t like surrendering his colors.

He has drawn some pretty respectable triangles and made sure to point them out to us. Circles and ovals elude him; he is, however, starting to draw curved lines in his attempts.   There’s no question that he “gets” it.  I haven’t tried having him write numbers – didn’t think of that.  It might be the springboard to get him started.  He has no problem with abstractions, so I imagine once he begins reading that will follow a similar trajectory.

My daughter and I talked and agreed he’s very ready to begin reading.  Daughter made some homemade flash cards with shapes and numbers because he already knows those, and also now adding letters into the mix.  He loves the cards.  I’m also going to track down some pair-matching games to see how he does with those.  I have a feeling it won’t take long ’til he’s mastered them and ready to move on.

We already knew that Little Guy recognizes numbers and can count.  What’s staggering to us is how quickly he learned to apply the abstract concepts to real life.  When I was with him at the store he pointed out a picture in a frame and that it was a square – not a rectangle, as he knows the difference.  He points out the small circles that make up the screw holes on the arms of our rocking chair and the circles that make up pot lights in the ceiling.  He points out oval-shaped items when he sees them.  He saw the triangle in the bottom of a hanging three-sided sign, and recognizes that a drinking glass is a cylinder.  He says, “Hello, [name]”, “please”, “thank you”, “good night” (not nite-nite) and more.  He does and says those things without prompting from anyone.

Little Guy is very social. Most kids his age are painfully shy around strangers. Our little guy is fearless.  I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing!

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