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Vacuum Packed

Found a cheap vacuum cleaner yesterday after a bunch of hemming and hawing at ye Wal Mart.  I am honestly not sure there’s all that much difference between a $50 vac and a $90 one, but we went with the $90-something one because it supposedly does better with pet hair.  Much as we love him, our chihuhua-beagle beastie sheds like crazy.

We also got the news that we can no longer postpone the changing of the automotive guard, as daughter and her boyfriend need the smaller vehicle back.  Not their fault; we’ve been using it for eons and he’s working for peanuts and driving forever in a gas hog.  They need the smaller wheels for him to get back and forth to work, too.

Timing is everything.  We were already working toward the vehicle, with plans to get something immediately after moving.  We literally just deposited the money over the weekend.  This just bumps the process up by three weeks or so – and gets me into something with AC that much sooner.  I’d be lying if I said I was upset at the prospect.  Only issue is going to be finding an appropriate vehicle on a shoestring budget, and doing so as quickly as possible.  Considering the way everything else has dovetailed, I have every reason to believe the wheels scenario will, too. I’ve seen several vehicles for sale in our price range, things with reasonable mileage and looking presentable.

Everything in its own time, at the right price.

We obviously are watching for deals; but what I find is that often the RIGHT deal comes to us.  The house wasn’t one we had considered because it was originally over our price point.  They came down $10K to MEET our price point and we got a house that is truly perfect for our needs.  Same principle will apply to the vehicle.  We’ll get the right vehicle at the right price in the right time.  The money showed up on precisely the right date, too.

Running up against deadlines isn’t the end of the world.  It’s just the Universe giving you a heads-up that you’ve got stuff to do.

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