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Using My Noodle

We survived Week One with the kids here, though G is still on his pout-a-thon.  Ostensibly it’s only leveled at the kids; of course as usual, guess who gets to deal with the fallout?

See, the one thing that was always true was that G was keeping the house up so when I got home from work I didn’t have to do anything except cook.  That, boys and girls, has now gone buh-bye.  I do understand depression; really, I get it totally.  Having gone through a couple of decades’ worth of locking myself into my own private hell to escape the real life one outside, I’m a lot more patient than I’d probably be otherwise.  Still pisses me off that I have to continually pick up the slack.

I talked with my sis this weekend.  In fact I spent almost all day yesterday with her.  We went out for lunch, splitting a single order of  teriyaki chicken between us.   Then sis went to get what she told me was her second big round of chocolate ice cream for the day.  I’ll grant you, I deal with stress on a day-to-day basis, but I thank God I don’t have to deal with the extremes she’s living.

G’s cheap as hell.  Seriously.  I have to bitch at him to turn the AC below 82 degrees.  I can kind of deal with it daytime, but when I wake drenched with sweat at 3am for work, consistently, it’s workin’ on my last nerve.  But I’m glad G is conscientious about the bills, even if his enthusiasm for saving money is a bit skewed.

In contrast, Sis’s spousal unit has so far racked up:

  1. A $1400 cell phone bill.  For one month. Out of sheer stupidity
  2. A $1200 electric bill. Likewise for one month.  Honest error, but the charges stuck.
  3. $800 in NSF fees in a single weekend.
  4. Wiped out her entire paycheck in two days – before a single bill could be paid.
  5. Totaled a new car less than six months after they got it.
  6. Is incapable of holding a job because his attitude is as a black man, he “won’t take anything from the man.”  Which includes work directives that are part of a normal job scenario.

He’s damned lucky it’s her he’s married to. I’d have killed him by now, with my bare hands, and it would’ve been justifiable homicide.  That’s not even the tip of the iceberg in the stuff she’s been trying to manage.  Still, Sis says while her spouse has given her fits, he’s also put up with a lot from her.  She’s steeped in depression so bad (Gee, I wonder WHY?) that she deep-sixed her weight loss program and went straight to ice cream three times a day, with or without other food.  She’s spent every moment at home in bed for the past three weeks until yesterday.  I also gathered she’s been close to where I would’ve been by the first round – ripping the man’s head off verbally and more besides.

With her mired in depression and G mired in depression, it’s that old Chinese curse working overtime again.

Daughter’s sick, coming down with a cold, too.  Here’s to my staying healthy!

And when I get paid this week I’ve got to get a tire fixed (or more likely, get a tire.)  I was going to get a can of Fix-A-Flat to get me through ’til payday but G went ballistic over my plans to do so.  THAT pisses me off.  “Don’t get that shit.  It’ll ruin the tire!”  So driving on a flat tire is better exactly HOW???  Let’s take out the rim while we’re at it.  Or how about we make it really fun and have a wreck, since obviously that makes financial sense.  He got all bitchy about it and snarled, “Then go get the Fix-A-Flat!”  I probably will but still pisses me off royally that it’s even an issue.

Dinner was chicken and dumplings, one of the few meals that everyone will eat.  I’ve got a chalkboard sign for the kitchen that says: “Today’s menu:  1) Take it; 2) Leave it.”  I need to find and hang it up.  Yeesh.

Calling it a night now.  I am going to turn the computer off and turn on the television and veg out for a while.  If G’s giving me the silent treatment during Ghost Hunters on the DVR, I’m way okay with it.

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