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Uggsy Malone

More spaminola, this time centering around the ubiquitous ugly boot with a name to match.  I’ll leave you to figure that one out since I am tired of the ongoing despamification.

Otherwise it’s been kind of a meh week.  I’ve gotten all the pre-op stuff done I could get done, paid a buttload of bills out of my paycheck.  I am watching everything like a hawk money wise since I know I’ve got a LOT of proverbial ground to cover over the next couple of months.  You’re safe from house porn on this entry because it’s late and I’m on the verge of keyboard face from nodding off.  The real estate turnover is so crazy rapid that except for a handful on the upper end of our budget I’m starting a new list about once a week.  However there are a couple of places in the top of the budget that have definitely captured my attention, including a couple of places that just hit in the past couple of days.  They’re more than I had wanted to spend BUT still comfortably below what we’re currently paying for rent  – including one place that comes fully furnished after a whole-house redecoration.  Crazy add-on for this part of the world.  I don’t know anybody who sells furnished homes unless it’s a trashy mobile and the furnishings are straight from the 70’s.

One thing is on the plate for my time off work – writing.  Lots and lots, hopefully enough to wrap up That Story and get it on Amazon.  Of course once it’s finished and live I still have to promote the sucker.  Bleargh.  I may know HOW to promote it; the prospect just gives me the hives.

My writing for tonight is finished.  My body’s screaming for sleep and I fully intend to oblige it.


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