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Two Dazed For Worms

I have a FOUR.  DAY.  WEEKEND ahead of me!  Woohooo!

What’s more, it may well have hit just in the nick of time.  I had intended to ask for one day off and ended up with two.  My mama didn’t raise no fool.  (Oh hush!)  I wasn’t going to give it back once it was approved.

As it turns out a house opened up today that is a rush sale.  They’re not holding out for the highest bid – they’re all about getting it sold asap.  We were the first takers, offering full price (which ironically is less than we’d pay for the itty bitty place.)  I should hear in the next half hour or thereabouts.

It’s a legit reason to rush, and the house is a steal and a half.  It needs work – we know that up front – but it is literally the ideal size, and has some ridiculously awesome perks to boot.  We haven’t even written the official offer at this point but my mortgage dude has actually been called in on the process, so these folks are very serious about our offer.

Barring catastrophe we should be able to get this thing together tuit suite and see it tomorrow.  If it looks like a go we’re gonna run like the wind with it and keep our fingers crossed!  No pictures yet.  I am to the point of superstition and I don’t want to jinx it.  If/when the ink’s on the paper, THEN I will post some images, you bet your sweet bippy.

Come to think of it, between Poolie and me there have been some serious bippy bets going around these days.

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