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Plans have a habit of changing in mid-step and God knows I’m an expert at those whiplash-inducing moments.  I’m still moving with ReadWriteGo, albeit at the moment it’s more slogging through quicksand than making any real progress.  Doesn’t mean I’m giving up, just means it’s largely on hold until after the OT blitz.  But I also encountered an idea somebody else pointed my way and decided it’s so simple and obvious it just might work.  I’ll explain in a few months, in the meantime tracking above in my slider.

Note to self: it is never, ever worth cheaping your way out of health related solutions and it’s downright stupid to do so if the solution’s already cheap to start with.  The magnesium was doing such a frigging awesome job controlling the fibromyalgia, then I ran out of the first bottle and let G talk me into getting something from Big Lots.  (Not really his fault – he simply said they had some there and I was stupid enough to buy it.)

Big Lots is wondrous if I need to get something where quality isn’t a big deal.  Meds and their ilk from Big Lots, on the other hand – erm, no.  Just say NO.  Heck, scream it out, accompanied by neon lights and blaring horns.  I’ve seen a progressive loss of everything I’d gained healthwise and today I said the Hell with it – got a stop-gap bottle from a local health foods place and ordered a respectable supply of the real McCoy from an online site I know and trust.  I knew I’d hit the point of tossing the cheap stuff because a couple of days ago my fingers were too numb to manage my alarm clock controls.  Yeah, THAT’s another joy of uncontrolled fibro.   Ain’t it grand?  Given how much of my job requires typing, I wasn’t willing to let it slide even for the time it took to get the snail mail delivery.  Not to mention that along with the numbness, the pain in other regions of my body was eeking its way back.

No thanks.

We ordered our new ‘puter and G was like a kid in a candy store.  Given that I’d already set aside some money for a computer we decided to go for a decent setup.  It’ll still be one G or I build, but we picked the components we wanted.  We didn’t toss out the budget but by getting it this way we had the luxury of some nice upgrades and still didn’t go much beyond the amount covered by the gift card.  On top of that I belong to MyPoints and we got points for it; AND we got points for using the credit card for the portion over the gift card.  Have I confused you totally?

Lately we’ve been working all kinds of different systems – nothing like gambling, not that kind of system!  I’m talking about taking advantage of perks and whatnots offered here and there.  With MyPoints it’s kind of a pain; they’re spam central in an online box but I route all results to my spam folder and rack up points until about once I year I get a free gift card.  Normally my gift cards are on the order of $25 but this year it’ll be $50.  I’m about a month from hitting that threshold.  Didn’t cost my anything but time.  And my bank’s Visa points have now rolled over to enough for me to get a $25 Visa gift card.  So ditto – more freebies.  I’m combining freebies these days to get more freebies, lol.

Gotta go – I promised G I’d do TV time with him tonight.  He’s not very demanding of my time but it’s a big deal we camp out and cuddle one night a week and this is the night.  Ciao for now!

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