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Tumbleweed Drive

Living in the boonies is both blessing and curse.  I have a LOOOOOOOONG commute every day – more than 40 miles one-way.  And the reason I do it is that when I come home it’s sheer heaven.  We live in a beautiful home, in a quiet neighborhood, and in general life is peaceful.  If you don’t count extreme hours and babysitting and ambulatory issues, anywho.  And I don’t.

The drive home this afternoon was an adventure.  I knew it was going to get interesting when about fifteen minutes before I wrapped things up for the week, the heavens opened and it sounded like there was a herd of buffalo stampeding on the roof.  I was thinking, “Oh crap – it’s gonna be a bitch to deal with that stuff whilst disassembling and packing the scooter into the trunk.”  Amazingly, things slacked off to almost nothing between the time I scooted out of the door and whipped the pieces of my personal wheels into the trunk of the family wheels.

Talk about perfect timing – by the time I pulled out of my parking place, the rain started again, albeit just a modest shower at that stage.

I stopped to fill the gas tank – again, no more than a splatter or two while I went in to pay and came back under the canopy to fill ‘er up.  Pulled out and this time Mother Nature went nuts.  It rained, for sure, but the wind was the insane part.  The tumbleweeds looked like a herd of animals as they rolled en masse through traffic.  You don’t realize just how big those things can get until you realize that the top of the one in front of you is even with the top of one of those big step-side pickup trucks.  (Hey – maybe it was a herd of tumbleweeds on the roof instead of buffalo!)  The wind threatened to blow me off the road a few times, and along one tree-lined street I was driving with one eye on the road and one on falling limbs (or worse).  One funny sight was a pretty massive artificial waterfall.  Except the water wasn’t falling – it was being blown up and back, with nary a drop of the water trickling down its designated path.  It’s the first time I saw water blowing across the road level with my bumper, at least when it wasn’t raining and the puddles weren’t that deep.  All along the freeway were yet more tumbleweeds and thousands and thousands of small round silver-green leaves.  I don’t have a clue what plant shed them, just that there were tons of the leaves whirling along the sides of the freeway, moving in pale greenish eddies along with traffic.

Tonight I’m curling up with G in front of the TV, with a cup of hot tea for good measure.  Everyone’s home, safe and sound.  Let it rain, let the wind blow.  It’s a good night to stay home.  What’s more, I’m not working again ’til Monday again, and I promised G and my cousin I’d make them homemade split pea soup tomorrow.  Great weather for homemade soup, and that one’s ridiculously simple to make.  Daughter and I will share eggplant Parmesan.  If I know Little Man he’ll help himself to all of the above.

Here’s hoping everyone else is safe and sound at home, too – except Poolie and her crew and audience, who are reveling in theatrical magic!

Hop back one day for a handful of pictures, including a couple of Little Man and a couple from inside the house, where we’re gradually beginning to decorate, one itty bitty part at a time.

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