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To and Fro

This week has been nothing short of insane. I don’t feel like I’ve had a single day off, though I didn’t work yesterday or today. I am hoping this week is easier.

We got a few things accomplished, and I am pretty sure I know what’s been going on with my car. It isn’t something terribly expensive to fix, it’s just getting it into the shop and getting it done. Well, let me backtrack. ONE of the issues with the car isn’t expensive to fix. The clutch is the expensive part, about $1000 worth. Gotta do it, painful or not. The inexpensive part, however, is potentially dangerous.

My vehicle doesn’t like to go. As in, it basically takes half a mile to get up to the speed limit, and that under protest. Bicycles pass me up and give me dirty looks for going so slow. I was afraid the (standard) transmission was going, or worse. And a couple of times I thought I smelled brakes burning, even though I made sure the emergency brake was disengaged and I don’t ride the brakes when I drive.

This week I remembered that the last time I had the front brakes done, a little over a year ago, we also had to replace a caliper that was stuck on the “on” position, meaning that there was one wheel for which the brake was constantly engaged. I’m betting that problem has returned. It’s frustrating but at the same time I’m relieved. Better to know what’s going on and get it fixed. I’m contemplating calling out tomorrow to get it done, because it is unquestionably not good to keep driving that way.

We did accomplish a lot this weekend. We did our normal round of yard sales yesterday and the goodie list is posted on FB. Too tired to cross-link the images here. Chances are if you read me here you also read my FB page too. I gave G his haircut and beard trim. He steadfastly refuses to go to a barber because it costs money for the barber. I pointed out to him that even though it literally only takes me about 5-10 minutes to do it, it’s getting to the point that I can’t be on my feet that long, so he’s going to have to let a barber take over.

We made a run to Home Depot this morning and got a couple of plants. I wanted a shade tree. We ended up bringing home a baby lemon tree instead. Very small – only about knee high. We’ll be going back for the shade tree, though. Since G decided not to get the shade variety today I dumped into his lap the responsibility of researching to figure out which is the best option for our tiny yard.

Besides the tree, we got a small purple-flowering shrub. I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called. My brain does not engage to that degree tonight. I also just realized I didn’t water it tonight when I watered the two trees. Gah! I’ll ask G to do tomorrow if I can remember.

QuiltI also bit the bullet and ordered us a new quilt, pictured left. Terri was nice enough to mention getting a quilt from Kohls and a light bulb went off. Sure enough, they were having a sale and I found a version I loved. Bonus points because it was half off their artificially inflated price. (Hey, I wasn’t complaining. Even the faux regular price was cheaper than some places.) I actually drove TO Kohls thinking to purchase without having to pay for shipping. Unfortunately not only did they not have this specific quilt in stock, but they had none of the sale versions in king size in stock. On the upside, I was able to check for weight and quality because they did have a couple of other patterns from the same collection on display. The stitching was good, the fabric seemed to be a decent quality of cotton, and the weight was appropriate for summer, which was exactly what we needed. Machine washable, too. All in all, I think it will be just what the doctor ordered.

G and I had been talking and since we knew we were going to repaint and going to do a new quilt for our room, we decided to go with the quilt first. Paint you can do virtually in any shade. Quilts, as it turns out, are more of a challenge. I looked at a few hundred before settling on this one. I think my eyes are still burning from some of them.

And – drum roll, please – I found a pair of shoes. That fit. Without spending $100! I hit Ross and found a pair of really cute ballet flats, thought what the heck, I’ll try them on. My jaw dropped when they fit. They fit better than my old broken-in pair in fact. And they were kidskin. Check, check and check! They were cheap enough I felt less guilty about buying a dress and pair of pants too. (I had just had to throw out a pair of pants and shirt this week. The yard sale finds keep me decent but since they’re used to begin with, they can sometimes have a shorter life.)

I need to go through and clean out my closet. I’ve got a few really nice things that we might as well sell, whether by yard sale or by the piece. One is a brand new light-blue suit. I bought it with tags on and never wore it.

Time for me to go pumpkin for the night, even if it’s shy of midnight. Tomorrow is back to work unless I call out and get the car repairs done. The original plan was to wait until next weekend but not sure I should if what I suspect about the brakes is true.

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