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Yeah, the above references being physically exhausted, but mainly it references the fact that I’m driving a wee bit safer now.

I’d been putting off a set of new tires, because money. Ugh. Then last night I took a closer look and realized one of my tires had the steel belt shining through. Then I looked a little closer and realized more than one of them was in comparable condition. Ergo, today was spent in the local tire shop and we’re up four new tires and an oil change. G paid the bill – thank goodness he’d put money back for emergencies! I knew he was keeping some cash in reserve, but didn’t know he had enough to cover that much. (And thank goodness we have a vehicle that uses inexpensive tires.) He’s gradually built up a cottage industry that’s saved our butts several times over.

Still not REtired, but it’s (thank God) down to the wire now. At least that’s what I’m being told. It’s a complicated mess, related to clearing up some things related to FMLA and other crapola, and I’m waiting it out until all the ducks are in a row. But dang – I’m ready. Stressed a little over the financial things, even though I know that too will work itself out. Very much ready.

Little brother is on my last nerves and has gotten his marching orders. I had reservations about his being here from the word go. He’s clean and quiet and cleans up after himself, but that’s all he’s got going for him. He can go watch porn on his own dime. (Yes, really.) And he can go stuff his face elsewhere too. I had been paying for groceries for FOUR people – he moved in and the grocery bill more than doubled. I didn’t even believe that was possible.

Yes, I have a brother. I don’t talk about him because he puts the LOSE in LOSER. He has an engineering degree and screwed away not one but TWO six-figure jobs by watching porn at work. He and his snooty wife (now ex-wife – naturally) were always too good for me and my kids. He’s working now – not six figures, but certainly enough to put him into either a cheap efficiency apartment or a roommate situation where he actually pays rent. He’s been mooching off of family rather than make that move, but I was the last family he could mooch and I hit my limits about two weeks in.

This has been a rough week in a lot of respects. The kids lost their beloved grandpa (their dad’s father) a few months ago. Now their uncle (their dad’s brother) is in the hospital with cancer and not expected to live out the week. My younger daughter’s possibly miscarrying. My older daughter’s dealing with an autistic son and trying to find a way to get away from her druggie boyfriend. I’ll give her props for being positive about it, even if she’s stressed. She’s got some resources now that she didn’t have before, which helps, and she herself is in a healthier state of mind than she’s been in years.

You see why I never watch soap operas? (Aside from not being home, that is.) Their plot lines are nothing compared to my actual life.

There are positives, too. This weekend I get to attend a baby shower for my soon-to-be second granddaughter! Yay! After all those grandsons, my youngest son and his fiancee are expecting a little girl. We’re so excited! This is his first baby and of all my kids, he’s the one who most wanted a family. His fiancee is a doll and her little boy is cute as a button.

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