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Tired and True

Coughing is STILL hanging on and kicking my butt.  Shot at doctor, antibiotics, allergy meds, nothing having an impact.  This year’s allergy season has been brutal for everyone in the area.  The one upside to the miserable heat is that it will spell the end to this crapola.  That shouldn’t be too much further off, thank God.

Last house didn’t fly, and I’m fine with the fact.  We’re back on the market working with an investor, which in theory gives us a leg up.  I am not holding my breath, though the latest option would put us right where we need to be in terms of money and time, has the 4/2 option we need and has a couple of added bonuses.  It is a corner lot, which means most of the windows actually look out to the street and to desert landscaping, vs. a solid block wall or the neighbor’s windows.  It also MUST have flooring replaced to qualify for our loan, and we’ll be able to work with the investor to choose our flooring.  The could well have knocked us out of some of the other options anyway.

So in short, it would be a good option for us – if it flies.  We’ve been doing this for long enough I’m not holding my breath, lol.  If it works out, it’s about $10K-15K less than what we were resigned to paying, including the new flooring.  Paying less is a good thing.

A couple of pictures for good measure – not going to do slideshows again unless there’s a bit more definitive news.

I like the place; with decent flooring and a coat of paint it would do very nicely.  We shall see.

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