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Tippy Tappy Toes

How many of us chair dance?

*Raises hand with a silly grin and knowing my readers are right here with me.*

How many of us chair TAP dance?

That’d be G.

A short while back, we found one of those rubberish-plastic-ish chair mats on Freecycle.  G and I had long ago agreed that if we could ever find one we were going to snap that sucker right up.  In my mind it was about keeping the mess and the doggy fuzz and other biological and non-biological accoutrements from becoming ground into the carpet.  It never occurred to me that it might include a respectable entertainment value.

See, when we women chair-dance, we move the arms and the torso, turn our heads like Linda Blair on occasion, but rarely move da feets.

G, on the other hand, does a pretty decent tap routine on the plastic pseudo-floor.  The surface offers excellent sound effects for his trouble, and over the past year or thereabouts he’s perfected a 5-year-old’s grin that belies the balding gray head around it.  I tell him every now and then he’s damned lucky to be so cute, to which he replies, “Yeah, I get away with a lot of shit!”

Well at least on THAT point he’s honest, heh!

Had an interesting discussion with my manager today.  She’s been gently nudging me toward promotions.  (Okay, so her nudges often include bulldozers and hoists; we’re all about the subtlety here.)  There are a lot of reasons I have been less ambitious lately, not the least of which has been simple time constraints.  I’ve also been counting pennies, knowing that promotions in this business do NOT necessarily equal more pay.  See, I work on a combination of hourly and commission/bonus, and with the transition of departments the commission/bonus part would take a significant hit, by definition.  It would also lose my daylight hours.  Not the end of the world but certainly a factor.


My manager, bless her heart, is my biggest cheerleader and we both ran smack-dab into the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. job for me.  I didn’t think it was within the realm of possibility, but over and over again I have been gritting my teeth over this segment and have thought surely anybody could do better.

Looks like I get a chance to put my money where my mouth is.  Cross your fingers.

My weekend project is to build a better tutorial.  My colleagues and I have long been bitching about one particular product we offer.  It’s one of our biggest sellers – and our biggest tech headaches.  So if I can build a pictorial tour of how it’s used, it would really save us ALL a whole lotta grief.  We’re looking at an opening in the department that builds the damned tutorials and help articles for this company.  As y’all might well guess, that would be right up my twisted little alley.

If I build it and it is accepted, it could result in direct payment just for the tutorial; but would also potentially land me a better mousetrap… er, job.

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