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Time Traveler and All That Jazz

Hanging in there today.  Tired but a lot of stuff coming together simultaneously.  Got the new ‘puter – or at least the parts.  G’s ecstatic at what arrived – the quality is actually better than we expected and he’ll be tinkering with it for the next few days.  He’s also going to do some wheeling and dealing tomorrow for some additional parts which may allow him to get my old ‘puter working again.  I love my old ‘puter and it had been fairly jazzed up along the way, so here’s hoping!  Even if it’s beyond salvage, though, we can say goodbye to my current anachronism and its 512MB maximum RAM and P3 processor.  We’ll have the new ‘puter and keep the one good one G’s using now.

And in a few weeks, an iPad.  Yeah, I know, not technically a computer.  But good enough for lazy-in-bed surfing, which is one up from what I’ve got now.

Also received a freebie rewards gift card from my bank today and employed it to order a new watch.  My old Timex is truly old.  After wearing it almost constantly for the past six or seven years, it is still mechanically perfectly fine.  Unfortunately while I’ve bought new watch bands but either developed an allergy to the leather or they’ve changed something about their tanning formula because my arm breaks out in a nasty rash with about every other band.  The leather loops that are supposed to hold the strap flat against my wrist also disintegrates within days of buying a new band.  I finally found a stainless band for it – and it didn’t fit.  Waaaaahh!!

Faux silver and gold bands break me out too, darn it.  Since I’m seriously lost without a timepiece, I haven’t been a happy camper, not at all.

Keeps On TickingBut lo and behold – I was fortunate enough to find a Timex with a nice hypoallergenic stainless steel band on Overstock.  Very simple, classic styling, and I ordered the sucker with the gift card and still have money left over.  With a final price, including delivery, of just over $20 it beat the Wally World price for the same exact watch by about $20 AND it nudges me over the MyPoints level for a $50 gift card.

There’s not much better price than free, is there?

We’re so buried at work we’re getting yet MORE free goodies for the OT.  They’re trying to entice more folks to put in the hours and those of us who have been grinding our way through all along just got clarification that yes, we’re absolutely included in the latest round of guaranteed giveaways.  If they count hours we’ve already done this month when calculating the latest round, it will be a mighty lucrative season for me before it’s over.  If it doesn’t kill me, that is.  We’re hiring and training people as fast as we can and thank God for it.   I’m truly grateful for my job and am proud that we’re able to help rebuild economies in more than one corner of the planet.

Still waiting to make a deal on a car but as it stands I’m working on a couple of options.  I cannot and will not take on payments that we can’t afford, no matter what.  It’ll work out in spades, you wait and see.  It always does.  I have some ideas, and know that it will work out in its own time.  I just have to hang in there a bit longer.

Also considering a move to a different department at one of our other locations, simply to cut my commute by a big chunk-o-time.  The drive’s killing me physically and if predictions of holy-moley gas prices materialize the long commute would be disastrous.

Enough for now – G’s being a mother hen to me these days and telling me I need some sleep.  He’s right, of course.  I’m exhausted and still have a long few weeks to go.  Furthermore, something tells me our “busy” season’s not going to slack off as expected in the next few weeks and there’ll be more overtime ahead.  Again I say, thank God.  I could’ve been unemployed; instead I’ve got work with some of the most awesome perks I’ve ever seen, much more than I’m free to mention here.

I leave you with this jewel:

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