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Time Travel Is Not For Wussies

My bank has instigated time travel.  It charged me NSF fees when I was not overdrawn.  I called them on it.  Their response was, only slightly paraphrased: “Well it was going to be overdrawn.”  Which was slightly true.  After they charged me $80 for two invalid NSF fees I was definitely overdrawn – which in turn generated three additional NSF fees.  (I made the mistake of paying a $10 insurance payment and buying breakfast at the drive-through before receiving notification of the fees.)

Ummm.  Are you kidding me?  I’m going to the bank today with printouts in hand and I’ll be taking no prisoners.  If the charges are reversed (and they’d better be) I’ll just move to a different bank.  Provided I can.  Banks have this little system that block you from going to another bank if Bank ABC says you owe them money.  Little things like math and the truth kinda don’t mean jack shit with the system, either.  If the charges are NOT reversed I’ll file a formal complaint with the banking commission.  Since that’s pretty much run by banks I won’t hold my breath there either, but I’ll also follow up with the local news.  The one thing in my favor is that this is a relatively small local bank, vs. a behemoth like B of A or Wells Fuck-O.  An esposé might actually be noticed.

Unlike that other scourge of the earth, politicians, banks are sadly a necessity of modern life.  And the banking industry is growing progressively bolder in its bid to rule the world.

You want the antiChrist?  Look at the banking system.  Money is the real king of the world.  It goes without saying that Congressional votes are bought and sold.  No secret there.  The only thing obscured in the deal is that every penny is still micromanaged by the same banking industry whose ongoing fiscal irresponsibility raped the nation to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars.  Drug wars?  Puh-leeze.  The solution is to legalize drugs and make them accessible.  The minute illegal drugs fail to be profitable, the drug wars are history.  I’m not advocating carte blanche access to heroin and cocaine, as such.  I’m just pointing out the obvious.  Mexico’s drug wars are all about power – specifically the power of money.  Same goes for big pharma: drugs, in any form, are big business, big money.

The housing industry, Wall Street, education, whatever: the whole crapshoot is the veneer over money.  And who manages money?  Banks.

All right, I admit about the only scary things I’m not connecting to banks are Bigfoot and a UFO invasion.

Give me time, I’ll get around to them too.


On a significantly more positive note, Poolie and her friend Anneke will be here tomorrow!  Par-TAY!

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