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Thievery a la King

For the record, I’ve come to loath the whole Flexible Spending Account thing.  In theory it’s a good idea.  I don’t have to stress; medical emergency comes along, I slap down my card and voilá!   Bill’s taken care of.  My money, pre-tax.  Win-win, right?

Except they put the Third Reich in charge of the kitten factory.  I’m being questioned on every fucking medical bill I pay now.  What the hell do they THINK I paid the surgicenter for???  A car wash?  And how about that orthopedic surgeon: I hear he’s giving me golf lessons in exchange for the $139 I paid him.  NOT.  And there’s my regular physician, whose normal co-pay apparently blew up somebody’s skirt and they didn’t like it.  I’ve paid him before, it’s only now they decided to challenge everything and freeze my account until I provide them with itemized billing for all this shit.  Again.

What a racket.  Word of advice: avoid PayFlex Systems, USA like the plague.  By the time they freeze your account and keep your money – and it IS your money, taken directly from payroll – you might as well have skipped them altogether and just had the extra cash in your paycheck.  I guarantee the difference in my taxes wasn’t the equivalent of what they’ve stolen from me over the two years I’ve used their “services”.

For the record, you can’t use the card except for medically approved purposes.  It literally won’t work if I take it to WalMart and buy a pair of shoes.  So what the FUCK is these idjits’ problem???

On a more positive note, the part for the car is ordered and paid for.  Here’s hoping it works and that it arrives soon, because I’m at the end of my rope.

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