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There’s a Reason

Have you ever wondered about this blog title?  It was the title of my original page online, actually, though my first site was a forum – and a mighty busy one at that.  I was getting something on the order of 40K member sign-ins per day with literally hundreds of new posts per 24-hour period.  It was overwhelming as hell and I didn’t have a clue how very improbable it was for a site to become so monumentally busy so quickly.  I was an Internet newbie, had literally only been online for a couple of months.

I did a few name change-ups over the year – ironically it was at that same locale where I acquired the name “TwisterJester”.  Odd, isn’t it?  TwisterJester was my writer’s pseudonym online for a long time, but I was probably better known for Pound Head Here.  And here I am again, full circle.

I finally pretty much walked away from that site original page.  If you’ve ever been on a busy social site you have almost certainly seen fights break out.  I had that and more, and didn’t know enough to begin guessing how to deal with them, so I abdicated, left the natives in charge for a while, then locked ‘er down tight so there were only a few dozen loonies to contend with.

Several of those loonies and I are still buddies some thirteen years later, for which I am very glad.  Some have drifted into the ether and a few sadly have passed away.

However, today exemplifies perfectly why this site picked up and ran with the moniker again.  (Neener at will on your choice of obscure and slightly pompous terms.)

We’d planned to buy a new vehicle, preferably around the first of the year.  That was right up until day before yesterday when my AC-less vehicle (which was borrowed until I could afford to fix the van we bought, the one that ended up being more involved than we knew) went tits-up on my way home from work.  After a few hours of sitting in the heat until I could find someone who could give me a ride home, I had officially had enough.  Fuck waiting until the beginning of the year, we need a reliable vehicle NOW.

So today my baby sister and I spent the day at car dealerships.

Now here’s the fun part.  I have good credit.  I’m responsible with credit, just bought a new house, have exactly one credit card with a nominal balance on it.  But I don’t have enough credit, apparently, to satisfy the devil incarnate car dealerships.  They wanted umpteen thousand down and about half that a month for the cheapest piece o’ crap on roller skates… er, wheels.  New I could’ve done if I wanted to donate a couple of kids, grandkids, eight pints of blood and rob a couple of banks, and still pay umpteen hundred a month for a tin can on wheels.  I finally sighed and signed off a on four-year-old vehicle with just over 40K miles and for which I am still paying entirely too much.  Once the house payment starts showing up it should kick up my credit score substantially – enough so to refinance in just a few months, thank you very much.

It is a very pretty vehicle.  The bigger issue for me is that it hits all the points I legitimately need: AC is not a luxury in this climate, it’s a safety feature.  And given the physical issues I have to contend with, ditto for automatic with cruise control.  I know how to drive a stick shift, but it would not be pretty for me come this winter when my knee invariably beats me senseless over every extra movement.  So my pretty little midsize drives awesome, everything works, has the stuff I legitimately need and good mileage, plus some cute bells and whistles I like even if they’re not especially “needs”.  It even hit the engine size G prefers – a small 6-cylinder.  I wheezed as I signed on the dotted line because while my credit’s actually good these days, until the house stuff actually shows up (which considering I haven’t had enough time to make a single payment isn’t there yet) I’m still paying out the ass for stuff that should be dirt cheap.

The head-pounding part came later, when I didn’t even make it home before the check engine light came on.

I turned it around and took it back to the dealer and demanded they take it back under the 3-day law – only to discover (after looking it up online to confirm) that my lovely state, with its political tar pit of payola and corruption, decided a while back to change the 3-day buyer’s remorse law to an optional courtesy left entirely up to the dealer.  The lemon law still applies, thankfully, though it takes more than the check-engine light to activate it.  The dealership DID promise to fix the vehicle, and they gave me a loaner to use ’til Monday afternoon.  If that fixes the issue, fine.  I do genuinely like the car, a lot   And I did, in the course of talking with my insurance company, discover that I have far more and far better coverage than I knew: my company in essence replaces AAA.  I have not only towing but also roadside assistance and a bunch of other goodies.  Sweeeeet!

If the dealership DOESN’T fix the issue and it turns out to be serious, there is still the lemon law, and there’s also the Pound Head Here law.  The latter says never fuck with somebody who knows how to use the Internet and broadcasting friends to inform any potential customers about your shitty business practices.  The daughter also pointed out something I didn’t know: this particular vehicle comes with a 10-year 100K mile factory warranty on the powertrain and 60K general warranty, which is a whole lot of awesomeness I didn’t realize when I was in panic mode.  Ergo I have another 60K on the powertrain and another 20K under the general flag.

I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that everything happens for a reason.  I would rather they go through it now and get it fixed, vs. having the problem hit 30 days down the line when I’d probably be hyperventilating.  And despite my frustrations, it was pretty cool to discover the factory warranty and the insurance pleasantness.  Ergo while I can’t say I’m happy to have my new vehicle in for repairs, I’m making a conscious decision that this time things truly are working out for the good.

Oh and the aforementioned van?  Believe it or not that is going to work out as well.  The daughter living with us needs her own vehicle and will be buying it from us on payments. The repair will cost less than we feared ($600 vs. $1500) and should give her a vehicle that’s pretty much rebuilt from top to bottom, and we will be recouping a lot of our outlay on it.  Maybe not 100%, but knowing the daughter has a reasonably safe set of wheels of her own is its own degree of less worry and less pain-in-the-assedness.  (Oh hush – it is too a word.)

Zen time.   Letting surface frustrations affect me does nothing but drive me nuts.  I know things are working out.  We are doing what we are supposed to do and the Universe will do its part.

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