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Theory of Relativity

After something like 25-30 years, I heard from my cousins on my dad’s side, all at once. I only have two, a brother and a sister. We caught up on Facebook and spent a few hours’ worth of catching up via instant messenger. I wondered if my remaining aunt was alive – turns out she is, but not doing well. I don’t remember for sure how old she is, but I’m thinking she’s somewhere in the vicinity of 80.

Cousin #1 (closest to me in age) is female and divorced. After 22 years her male spousal unit came out. Whatever your views on gender and LGBT, that’s difficult on all concerned. I gather she remarried briefly and got a real winner, a pill-popper that opted out of life about 3 years in. Interesting character.

Cousin #2 slightly younger, living in the midwest, on marriage #2 and apparently making a success of it. Not a lot more I feel comfortable saying out loud on this site.

This week’s been challenging in a lot of respects. I’ll be glad when it’s over and we can move on past the after-New-Year’s slump. G and I marked anniversary #7 without killing each other, but just barely. We rarely fight. This time around it was a doozy. I had to work New Year’s Day when I’d have rather been almost anywhere else, in no small part because I was on the verge of killing my so-called better half. I just kept gritting my teeth and reminding myself that it was holiday pay for every hour I worked. Bleah. G later apologized, more or less, but let’s just say he’s going to be living it down for a long time to come.

If you saw my Facebook post I called it a bizarre week. That’s an understatement.

Daughter’s been deathly ill all week, so I’ve been designated babysitter once I’m home. (G keeps him during the day.) Little Guy gravitates to me anyway, but some days he’s more than I can handle. He’s big enough to be a little more independent, which is good, but also big enough to start sassing and to get into things. Meh – trade off. My daughter finally went to the doctor today and came back with a bunch of prescriptions. Hopefully she’s feeling better by tomorrow because I’m resigning as the babysitter, can’t do it.

My son was supposed to deliver a sofa to us on New Year’s Eve. Didn’t happen because his girlfriend’s uncle got a diagnosis of lung cancer and they were going to spend time with him. The uncle is younger than G and I, and I am not about to begrudge family time, ever. That goes double in a crisis situation.

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