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The Wow Signal

Mankind has been tracking celestial bodies ever since the inception of civilization, and countless epochs before we as a species committed our history to any kind of written or illustrated form. A few years back, our technology found what’s been dubbed “the wow signal”, an anomalous burst of energy we’ve never been able to replicate. It lasted too long for it to have been an instrumental glitch, and nobody’s ever decoded it.

This entry has absolutely nothing to do with that wow signal, but I thought you’d like to have something non sequitur to start your afternoon.

In my case, the Wow Signal is business related. The hubby’s clocks, which he insisted he could knock out in XX minutes, are a non-starter. (So much for the business cards we ordered.) I DID get 99% of the second book done. It’ll be wrapped up and sent to my editor today, and hopefully online within the next 48 hours. Woohoo! I also have a couple of posts up on my author site at Too tired to do more than link at the moment.

The big story, however, is the the joint Canadian project with my buddy Frank. That kind of went nutzoid all over us, all of a sudden. We finished up the Proof of Concept and I got our website up at My partner in Quebec connected yesterday with our prospective greenhouse partner and that’s when everything more or less blew up, in a good way.

Our future partnership with the greenhouse was all but signed on the dotted line yesterday. Once he found out what our project was about, he was all over it. What’s more, he filled us in on details we didn’t know – like that we should be eligible for a ton of subsidies; that he already hoped to expand but was held back by the utility costs; that with this project in full swing he hopes to take his operation to year-round. He wasn’t only interested – he volunteered to help with the costs and to help with creating the structure needed to make it happen.

That was only part of what we’ve found out in the past 24-48 hours. So yeah – just a wee bit jazzed.

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