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The Wild Horseshit Did It

This morning it took me about fifteen seconds to realize I wasn’t going to work today.  I am doing damned well for two-and-a-half weeks out of surgery but the knee was shrieking at me again and this time I listened.  Whilst at the doc’s office he also diagnosed bronchitis.  So my knee is wrapped up and propped up for another day or so and I am gobbling down antibiotics and steroids to kick the inflammation at both locations.  Gah!

STILL dealing with the stupid credit issue.  Put the dispute on, paid to have it removed, but the collection agency with the umpteen-year-old account refuses to remove the dispute unless I pay the bill in full.  When Mortgage Dude suggested it, my response was, “Really?  Are you serious?”  When I called them as directed I already had their response written down and had my finger poised on the email “send” button.  (I really did, too.)  Mortgage Dude replied that, “They can’t do that, that’s horseshit.”  I just shrugged, having dealt with collection agencies in my past, both as a collector and a collectee.  Since when did little details like whether something was legal or ethical have ANY impact on how a collection agency does what I euphemistically call “business”?

Mortgage Dude first told me to just contact the credit agencies directly and request they remove the dispute.  Only took about five minutes to shoot down that theory.  So supposedly Mortgage Dude has another idea we’ll tackle Monday, because my voice kicked the bucket by the conclusion of our third phone call tonight.

I’m not paying the old bill that wasn’t mine to begin with, particularly after following advice to dispute it, then having to pay what’s tantamount to extortion on the false promise it would lift the dispute.  I’d rather not wait for the stupid thing to hit the seven year mark (next year) and jump through hoops again to get it removed, but I’ll do that before I pay a single penny to a collection agency.  Not only because I refuse to play into their racket, but it will also just extend by another seven years the amount of time the stupid thing shows on my credit report.

For the record, all this BS would have been unnecessary a year ago.  That’s when the banking rules changed.  They sat around to figure out how best to screw consumers all over again and apparently this was part of the fiscal vise clause.  “Let’s make sure to completely invalidate a consumer’s right to dispute an invalid credit item AND generate more ill-gotten income for us in the process.”

They certainly did a perfect job of it.

I think I will contact the media and have them do an exposé on it.  Won’t change a thing but it’ll still be fun to watch the assholes behind the rule to smile, squirm a bit and pretend they didn’t really mean it to work like that.

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